How to Integrate Google Sheets with WordPress Forms?


Want to keep detailed records of your WordPress Form entries? Well, the best and free spreadsheet program is Google Sheets where you can easily create, edit and collaborate with others on the spreadsheet. And, integrating your WordPress site with Google sheets is effortless with the help of Zapier. It allows you to connect over 2000 web applications and automate your workflow. So, connecting your WordPress forms with Google Sheets is a piece of cake. Just follow the simple instructions given below. 

STEP 1: Install Everest Forms Pro

First of all, you need to install Everest Forms. It is a WordPress form builder plugin that allows you to integrate Zapier to your site. The Zapier add-on is available on our Agency and Professional plans. If you want more details on the pricing then, you can check our Plans and Pricing page, and choose the best plan for you.

Everest Forms

Step 2: Create a New Form

Then, you can create a new contact form in WordPress. To create a new form, go to Everest Forms → Add New. Select a template or create a new one from scratch. You can just drag and drop the required form fields from the left side of the form builder.

You can check out our tutorial for how to create a contact form in WordPress if you want a detailed guide.

Everest Forms Form Builder

Step 3: Connect Everest Forms with Zapier

Zapier Webhooks

Next, you need to connect your Zapier with Everest Forms. First, you must create a Zap in your Zapier. A Zap consists of two parts: When this happens and Do this. The first part is for the Trigger app whereas the next part is for the Action app.

Catch Hook Zapier

In the “When this happens” section, you need to create a Webhook and connect the Webhook URL with Everest Forms. For a detailed step-by-step guide for this, you need to check our Documentation for Zapier.

After you acquire the Webhook URL, go to the Integrations tab and check the Enable Zapier option. Then, paste the WebHook URL and SAVE your form. Then, you can Test your Connection in Zapier with a Sample entry.

Everest Forms Zapier

Furthermore, you can also enable Conditional Logic to apply conditional rules to send data with Zapier

Conditional Logic Zapier

Step 4: Set up the Google Sheets App in Zapier

After you finish the First step i.e. “When this happens“, you need to move on to the next step.

In the “Do This” section, you need to choose an action app. Here, search for Google Sheets and select it.

Google Sheets Zapier  app

After you select the Google Sheets app, you need to choose the Action Event here. You can see various events for Google Sheets such as Create Spreadsheet Row, Update Spreadsheet Row, Create Worksheet, etc. Here, we are selecting the Create Spreadsheet Row option.

Create Google Sheets Row

Then, the next step is to sign in to your Google account to connect with Google Sheets.

Google Sheets WordPress connect

After that, you can move on to the next step i.e. Create Spreadsheet Row. You can easily pull the form entries from your WordPress forms. Click on the Continue button when you finish pulling all the information.

Pull google sheets wordpress entries

Next, you need to test if your zap works well or not so, click on the Test & Continue button. Then, go to your Google Spreadsheet to see if the data is transferred. 

Now, go to your Google Sheets spreadsheet and, create header rows with the column names. After you test from Zapier, you can see that the test data is entered into the sheets.

Finally, you’re done with the process. Now, you zap is ready and all you need to do it turn it on. You can also give a name to your zap as per your preference. 

Finish google sheets wordpress zap

Summing it up:

Therefore, WordPress users can connect their WordPress forms with their forms and organize the form entries easily. With the use of Zapier, integrating your Google Sheets with WordPress forms.

Now, you can send your WordPress form entries to Google Sheets effortlessly. If you found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share it.

Alina Manandhar

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