How to Create a WordPress Contact Form: Ultimate Guide for Beginners


If you are a website owner, you must know how important it is to interact with your audience by now. Whether it’s by comments or emails, your readers try to communicate with you from time to time. There are many ways you can interact with your audience. However, creating a WordPress Contact Form and adding it to your site is the best way of doing so.

In this WPEverest tutorial, you’ll learn why adding a WordPress contact form is so important. Keep reading until the end to learn how to create a contact form in WordPress with the help of a plugin.

Why Create a WordPress Contact Form?

Small or big, all websites should have a medium through which the visitors can contact the site owners. You can put up emails and contact numbers on your site but, it’s not secure at all. Moreover, it’s not feasible to answer all the emails and calls. That’s why creating a WordPress Contact Form is the best option. The advantages of using contact forms are:

1. Security: If you give out your email address on your site then, your inbox is sure to be filled with spam messages. Also, your website will be susceptible to hackers. But this is not the case, with WordPress contact forms. You can prevent spambots from submitting form entries through reCAPTCHA features.

2. Efficient Communication: A contact page acts as a communication bridge between you and your audience. Your readers get a way to connect to you. Also, you can get precise information from your readers and prioritize your responses accordingly.  It’s not only convenient for you but also for your readers.

3. Systematic Information Management: With the use of a contact form plugin, you can collect the form entries all in one place. And, you can evaluate the form entries and decide how to respond to them. All in all, you can manage the information of your readers systematically.

4. Additional Features: When you create a WordPress contact form using plugins, you can add more features to your forms. For example, if you need to allow PDF file submissions, you can integrate it into your form. Various add-ons let you add these kinds of features.

How to Create a WordPress Contact Form?

If you own a WordPress website, the best way to add a contact form is by using a plugin. There are many contact form plugins available but, we recommend using our Everest Forms plugin.

Everest Forms plugin

Everest Forms is one of the best free WordPress contact form plugins that allow you to create forms effortlessly. With the easy drag-and-drop form builder, you can create a WordPress contact form in a jiffy.

If you want more styling and features in your forms then, you can get Everest Forms Pro for premium add-ons. For more details on the pricing, go to our Plans and Pricing page to choose the best plan for you.

Create a New Form

After you download and install the plugin on your site, go to Everest Forms>>Add New. Now, fill in the name for your contact form and, Select a Template. Here, you can choose from a series of templates. You can use the free and templates according to your plan.

Next, you can see the Everest Forms form builder. You can drag and drop the fields that you require.  

create WordPress contact form

Also, you can click any form field and go to Field Options to change Field Label, Meta Key, Description, etc.

how to create WordPress contact forms

Change Individual Form Settings

Everest Forms provides General and Email Settings for each form. Click on the Settings tab next to the Fields tab.

In General, you can change form name, submission message, redirect page, enable reCAPTCHA, and more. For more details on this setting, click here.

Everest Forms general

In Email, there are various settings for sending email notifications for your form. For more details on this setting, click here.

Everest Forms email

After you’re done, don’t forget to click on SAVE.

How to add your Contact Form in WordPress?

In Gutenberg

Once you finish creating your form, you can add it to your site. To create a contact page, go to  Pages>>Add New and click on the Add block icon. Now, search for Everest Forms in the search bar and you’ll find the Everest Forms block. Click on it.

add Contact form

Then, choose the form you want to insert and that’s it. Your contact page is ready to be published!

Contact form

You can even add your contact form by using shortcodes.

Yes! Everest Forms provides a shortcode for each form that you create. First, go to Everest Forms>>All Forms and copy the shortcode of your contact form.

copy Shortcode

Then, go to your editor and click on the Add block icon. Search for the Shortcode block. Paste the shortcode in the blank space. Your form isn’t visible in the editor but, it is displayed perfectly in the frontend.

insert contact form shortcode

In the Classic Editor

If you’re the one of the many who still prefer the Classic Editor, you need to add your contact form a bit differently. But, it certainly isn’t hard work.

After you install Everest Forms, a newly added Add Form button will appear on the top of the editor. So, click on that and choose the form that you want to add.

Add contact form

Also, you can add any form to your posts and pages by copying the shortcode provided for each form to the editor.

As a result, your contact page will look something like this. You can change the styling and add other elements as per your requirements.

add contact form

Furthermore, you can view and manage form entries. Go to Everest Form>>Entries and you can see all your form entries there. You can even export your form entries.


Therefore, how you communicate with your readers is totally on you. As the website owner, you have to respond to the questions and queries of your readers. It’s just a matter of how you choose to manage it! With a WordPress contact form, you can get precise information about your readers. Also, you can manage and respond to them according to your preference.

Hopefully, you know how to create a contact form in WordPress with ease now. Please share if you found this tutorial helpful!

Alina Manandhar

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