50% Off Everest Forms & User Registration – WordPress Christmas Sale 2022

Everest Forms and User Registration WordPress Christmas Sale

If you’re waiting for the Everest Forms and User Registration coupon code this Christmas, we’ve got some good news for you.

WPEverest is offering a WordPress Christmas deal on two of its products this festive season: Everest Forms and User Registration. Just the perfect time for users planning on buying them to cash in on this exciting opportunity.

So, read till the end to get the full scoop on our User Registration Christmas deal and Everest Forms deal for 2022. 

A. Offering Everest Forms and User Registration Coupon Code

We’re excited to announce a whopping discount of up to 50% on all the premium plans of both our WordPress plugins. 

But, what about the coupon code? Well, you don’t need a coupon code to enjoy this year’s deals! The discount will be applied automatically when you buy a premium plan.

To elaborate, you’ll get 40% off on the Personal and Plus plans of Everest Forms. Likewise, you can enjoy 50% off on the Professional and Agency plan.

For User Registration, you get 40% off on Personal, 45% off on Plus, and 50% off on Professional plans.

Here’s a quick look into the previous prices and the new prices for the Christmas deal.

Discount on Everest Forms:

PlansPrevious PricePrice After Discount
Personal$69$41.40 (40% Off)
Plus$149$89.40 (40% Off)
Professional$199$99.50 (50% Off)
Agency$299$149.50 (50% Off)

Discount on User Registration:

PlansPrevious PricePrice After Discount
Personal$99$59.40 (40% Off)
Plus$249$136.95 (45% Off)
Professional$499$249.50 (50% Off)

So, go to the official Everest Forms pricing page or User Registration pricing page and choose the plan suitable for you.

Then, enter all the necessary information and complete the purchase. The total you have to pay is the discounted price.

Christmas Discount

And the best part is that the sale’s already started! The User Registration and Everest Forms discount will be valid till January 7, 2023.

Now, if you’re new to the WPEverest plugins, you might want to be more familiar with them before buying any of the plans. Hence, we’ve explored Everest Forms and User Registration below to give you a quick insight their purpose, and key features. 

So, let’s jump right into it!

B. Quick Look into Everest Forms and User Registration

For anyone interested in our plugins, here’s a short introduction to help you understand them better before making the final purchase decision.

Everest Forms Coupon Code Christmas Deal

1. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a popular WordPress form builder plugin with a drag and drop interface. This makes creating and customizing forms for your website easier and quicker than you can imagine.

Better yet, Everest Forms will help you create just about any type of form, such as:

For most of these forms, you’ll even get starter templates you can use to get a headstart on form building. All you need to do is edit the field options and configure the form settings, and the form is good to go.

If that’s not your style, there’s always the option to start from scratch and build an entirely new form.

Everest Forms Templates

Besides the form-building aspect, Everest Forms provides a separate page for you to view all the form entries. This enables you to inspect and analyze the information gathered through every form placed on your site.

Let’s look at a few more features that make Everest Forms so special:

  • CSV data export for form entries
  • AJAX form submission
  • Real-time email notifications and Auto-responders
  • Allows frontend form submissions
  • Collect form submissions in Google Sheets
  • Set form submission restrictions

So, to implement all these free plus premium features for your own website, you should definitely try Everest Forms on this Christmas sale.

Coupon code: Not required/ Auto-applied

Validation date: Till 7 January 2023

Discount: Up to 50% OFF (40% off on Personal & Plus plans, 50% off on Professional & Agency plans)

User Registration Coupon Code Deal

2. User Registration

Anything regarding custom registration forms for your WordPress website, User Registration will be there to help you. With its drag and drop form builder, you can create simple and advanced user registration forms in no time.

It’s especially useful for those who want something more than what the default WordPress registration form offers. You can place custom fields like multiple choice, dropdown, postal code, etc., to gather more information about your registered users. 

And if you’re running a WooCommerce store, you’ll be glad to hear that User Registration supports seamless integration with the WooCommerce plugin

Add Extra Fields in WooCommerce Registration

Moreover, its WooCommerce add-on lets you add shipping and billing fields into your registration form. So, the information and billing information provided during registration is automatically filled during checkout. 

Naturally, this eliminates the need for users to fill in their details during checkout, which in turn, reduces cart abandonment.

But this is just one of the many benefits of using User Registration. Here are some more features that you might need for your own website’s registration forms:

  • Beautiful user profile account page
  • Spam protection with Google reCAPTCHA and Honeypot
  • Assign user roles and capabilities
  • Collect payments by integrating payment gateways
  • Create content restriction rules
  • Use smart conditional logic in registration forms

Considering there are even more features yet to be listed here, we recommend you give User Registration a try.

Coupon code: Not required/ Auto-applied

Validation date: Till 7 January 2023

Discount: Up to 50% OFF (40% off on Personal plan, 45% off on Plus plan, 50% off on Professional plan)

C. Make Your Christmas Special with These Extra Deals

We’re sure you’re excited to make the most of this year’s WordPress Christmas deal on WPEverest. 

However, besides WPEverest, ThemeGrill, Zakra, and Masteriyo have announced their own Christmas deals as well.

ThemeGrill Christmas Deal

ThemeGrill Christmas Deal

ThemeGrill has been a popular marketplace for WordPress themes of every niche, be it blogs, magazines, eCommerce stores, or agencies. Some of its best-selling themes are:

That’s not all. ThemeGrill has more awesome themes to offer like Cenote, Ample, Himalayas, and Suffice if the list above doesn’t meet your requirements.

Lucky for you, you can now get any of these themes at a discount of up to 50% off.

  • Single Theme Plan: 45% Discount
  • Single Theme Plus Plan: 47%
  • All Themes Plan: 50% Discount

Within the Single Theme and All Themes plans, you’re also able to choose between annual or lifetime plans.

Coupon code: XMASNY2022 (auto-applied) 

Validation date: Till 7 January 2023 

Discount: Up to 50% OFF (45% off Single Theme plan, 47% off on Single Theme Plus plan, 50% off on All Themes plan) 

We recommend reading ThemeGrill’s blog post on their Christmas deals if you want to learn about these offers in detail.

Zakra WordPress Christmas Deal

Zakra Christmas Deal

Zakra is one of the fastest WordPress multipurpose themes available in the market now. And you’ll be happy to know that it’s offering a heavy discount on all premium plans as well. 

Buying Zakra means you’ll be getting access to 72 well-designed starter demos, premium support, updates, and Companion Addon for Elementor. 

There couldn’t be a better time for that since you get a heavy discount of up to 50% off on Zakra’s premium plans this Christmas sale.

  • Personal Plan – 45% Discount
  • Personal Plus Plan – 47% Discount
  • Professional and Developer Plan – 50% Discount

Coupon code: XMASNY2022 (auto-applied) 

Validation date: Till 7 January 2023 

Discount: Up to 50% OFF (45% off on Personal plan, 47% off on Personal Plus plan, and 50% off on Professional and Developer plan)

To learn more about the Zakra Christmas deal, check out its recent article detailing its Christmas sale.

Masteriyo Christmas Deal

Masteriyo Christmas Deal

If you’re planning to create online courses for your LMS website, now is the perfect time! The powerful LMS plugin, Masteriyo, is offering fantastic discounts on its premium plans.

  • Starter Plan: 47% Discount
  • Growth Plan: 50% Discount
  • Scale Plan: 55% Discount

By taking advantage of this Christmas sale, you can build advanced courses, lessons, and quizzes at a budget. You also get a distraction-free learning page, a unique student account page, and more. So, what are you waiting for!

Coupon code: Not required/ Auto-applied

Validation date: Till 7 January 2023 

Discount: Up to 55% OFF (47% off on Starter plan, 50% off on Growth plan, and 55% off on Scale plan)

Wrapping Up

So, these were our Christmas deals, where we’ve provided complete information on the User Registration coupon code and Everest Forms coupon code. 

Note that the offer is valid till January 7. If you decide to buy User Registration or Everest Forms during this time period, you’ll get a discount of up to 50% on their premium plans.

So, hurry up before the sale ends! Simply choose a suitable premium plan, and WPEverest will charge you the discounted price only.

Besides WPEverest products, you’ll find that ThemeGrill, Zakra, and Masteriyo have started a Christmas sale as well. So, if you need promising deals on WordPress themes and plugins, make sure you check out their offers too.

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