User Registration

Top Features

Highlighted features of User Registration

Simple & Beautiful Forms

Design matters, so we have tried to keep our forms simple, clean yet beautiful.

Drag and Drop UI

Drag and Drop fields make it, even more, easier to control and sort the user registration form fields.

Unlimited Registration Form

Create as many registration form fields as you like, no limitation on the number of forms.

Multiple Column Support

Ever wished to have form fields in multiple column layouts, go ahead and create one with clicks.


Shortcode makes it possible to showcase your form in Page, Post, sidebar and more.


We know you hate spammers, that’s why we have google recaptcha supported for the form.

Email Notification

Instant email notification to notify your user and admin upon new user registration.


The plugin is fully translation ready so go ahead and translate the from to your own native language

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Drag and drop Form builder

What’s the use of form builder if it is no drag and drop? User registration has a unique yet simple drag and drop form builder. Building a registration form is easy with User Registration

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Multiple column grid, more fun with forms

Why should a registration form be limited to a single column? That’s why we have provided you with an option to create the form that supports multiple column fields.

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3 step form build

Setting up form shouldn’t be a rocket science. So for the first time user, we have instant setup ready. Thank User registration later.


Install and activate User Registration Plugin

Simply download plugin zip and install it via Appearance->Plugins and activate it. Once installed you we will be prompted to intall recommeded pages. Install those as well.

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Drag and Drop fields of your choice in the form

A default form is already created. So simply go to User Registration->Default form and copy the shortcode. If you want to want to add some field do so by draging the fields from left panel to right form panel.

Build your first form →

Copy shortcode and paste it in your desired Page/post.

Copy the form shortcode in your page, post or widget and you are done.

Build your first form →