ConvertKit vs Mailchimp: Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool?

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Are you confused about which is the right email marketing tool for your website between ConvertKit vs Mailchimp? Then, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’re going to review each and every feature to find out which is the best email marketing tool for you. So, let’s start by briefly discussing what is ConvertKit and Mailchimp in the first place.

1. Overview: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

What is ConvertKit?


ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that focuses on creative bloggers and business owners. It offers a user-friendly interface with powerful features. 

Apart from managing your email marketing contacts, it also allows you to create landing pages for your site. Besides, you can easily track your conversion rates and sent automated emails to your subscribers. 

What is Mailchimp?


Mailchimp is a simple-looking yet powerful email marketing tool that offers amazing email services and management features. You can create multiple marketing lists according to your requirements. 

Additionally, you can also create newsletters, landing pages, sign up forms, and more with this tool. Further, it allows you to focus on your audience and personalize your content as you like. 

2. User Interface: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

User Interface of ConvertKit 

ConvertKit vs Mailchimp User Interface

After you sign up for your account in ConvertKit, you can see a welcome video showing you how to use it. The interface is clean and easy to understand. And, you can even find tutorial videos for every purpose. 

The important features are visible in the top tabs such as Landing Pages & Forms, Subscribers, Broadcasts, Products, Automation, and more. Besides, the buttons allow you to get work done easily. So, beginners and non-technical users can get used to it pretty quickly.

User Interface of Mailchimp

ConvertKit vs Mailchimp Interface

Mailchimp offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to navigate through easily. You will find the important tabs like Audience, Campaigns, Automations, Content Studio, Integrations, and more.

Also, it offers a create tab in the dashboard which lets you get started with emails, landing pages, and more. However, it can get confusing with so many options for creating social posts, postcards, campaigns, and so on. 

3. Subscriber Management: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

Managing Subscriber with ConvertKit 

ConvertKit offers a set of features that helps you manage your Marketing list. You have a single email marketing list. However, you can segment these subscribers with the use of tags. This gives you an accurate number to keep track of your subscribers. Also, you can easily organize your subscribers with the use of forms and sequences. 

ConvertKit vs Mailchimp Convertkit Subscribers

Managing Subscriber with Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers a unique way of managing your subscribers. You can view, manage and sort your subscribers in the dedicated Audience tab. Here, you have various options to organize your audience according to your preference. 

This email marketing tool allows you to create multiple lists for different purposes. This means you don’t need to sort out emails for different projects. Managing your lists is easy with options like tags and segments. 

ConvertKit vs MailChimp Audience

4. Email Automation: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

ConvertKit Email Automation Feature

You need to get the Creator plan to enjoy the automation features in ConvertKit. It offers various automation options. The Email Sequences option allows you to create pre-scheduled emails for your audience. And, the visual automation funnels let you create custom paths to send targeted content to your subscribers.

ConvertKit Automations

Mailchimp Email Automation Feature

Mailchimp offers tons of options for automation with your subscribers. There are four tabs in the Automations feature: Customer Journeys, Transactional Email, Retargeting ads, and Postcards.

Mailchimp Automations 1

With the help of the easy-to-use Customer Journey builder, you can easily automate your emails, retargeting ads for social media, and postcards. 

Mailchimp Automations

5. Sign Up/Opt-in Forms: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

ConvertKit Sign Up/Opt-in Forms Option

You can create unlimited forms with ConvertKit. And, you can easily customize them as your like. Likewise, there is an option to choose where you want to display your forms. 

ConvertKit Forms ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

Then, you can see various pre-built templates that you can choose from. You don’t need to put a lot of work into your forms as you can select a template of your choice and get started.

ConvertKit Forms TemplatesConvertKit vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp Sign Up/Opt-in Forms Option

Mailchimp allows you to create different forms such as Embedded Forms, Subscriber pop-ups, Contact Form, and Form Integrations. Also, it offers a Form builder which allows you to create forms according to your requirements.

Mailchimp forms

6. Landing Pages: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

ConvertKit Landing Pages

ConvertKit offers 20+ pre-designed templates for landing pages. You can choose anyone from these options to get started.

ConvertKit Landing Page Templates

After you choose a template, you can customize the template as you like. You can add details and change elements to add your touch to the landing page. 

ConvertKit Landing Page Editor

Mailchimp Landing Pages

Mailchimp Landing Page Template

Mailchimp offers a set of templates that are perfect to create any landing page. Then, you can edit the template with the help of an easy drag-and-drop editor. The editor is very intuitive and offers more features. 

Mailchimp Landing Page Editor

7. Integrations: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

ConvertKit Integrations

ConvertKit allows you to integrate your account with numerous tools and services. This allows you to transfer the data from one application to another easily. 

Some of the integrations include Shopify, Teachable, Crowdcast, HappyForms, Bonjoro, and more. However, it does not integrate with popular services like PayPal, Canva, and others

ConvertKit Integration

Check out ConvertKit integration with WordPress here!

Mailchimp Integrations

Mailchimp offers more integration options for payment, e-commerce, content management system, etc. With over 200 integrations, you can add more functionalities to your email marketing lists. Some of the integration include Facebook, SurveyMonkey, WordPress, Canva, and so on.

Mailchimp Integrations

Check out Mailchimp integration with WordPress here!

8. Pricing: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

ConvertKit Pricing Options

ConverKit didn’t offer a free account until recently. So, now you can use the email marketing tool for free until 1000 subscribers. And, it offers the free trial option for you to check out the pro version. There are two pro plans. 

  • $29/month for Creator
  • $59/month for Creator Pro
ConvertKit Support

Mailchimp Pricing Options

Mailchimp allows you to open a free account for 2000 subscribers. So, that is more than what ConvertKit has to offer. However, it offers three pro plans. They are:

  • $9.99/month for Essentials (500 contacts)
  • $14.99/month for Standard (500 contacts)
  • $299/month for Premium (10000 contacts)
Mailchimp Pricing

9. Support: ConvertKit vs Mailchimp

ConvertKit Support

ConvertKit Support

ConvertKit offers user-friendly and responsive user support. You can find various tutorials and user guides that help you use the tool smoothly. There is a live chat feature that helps to connect with the support team. And, you can get special support from the team if you are a premium user. 

Mailchimp Support

Mailchimp also offers tons of useful tutorials and guides that help you out with you get stuck. For premium users, there are options to connect with the support team such as live chat, email, and phone.

Mailchimp Support

Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool?

Both ConvertKit and Mailchimp are popular in the email marketing industry. They offer similar features and functionalities. But, what are the differences? 

While Mailchimp brings the best out for freelancers and small organizations, ConvertKit focuses on individual creators and businesses. Mailchimp offers an intuitive interface and Convertkit has a simple and easy-to-use design. 

So, the winner of the best email marketing tool battle will vary depending upon the requirements of the user. We have compared the two tools side by side in this article. 

Hopefully, this will help you choose the right one for your business. If you found this article helpful, please share this on your socials. 

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