Style Customizer

Gone are the days when registration forms used to look dull and boring. Now, you can easily style your registration forms according to your needs with the help of our User Registration Style Customizer Add-on. Using the Style Customizer Add-on, you can easily change the styling settings for every aspect of your registration forms. Also, it provides various features which makes changing the design of forms so much easier.

Easy to use and Customizable Design Editor Tool

The add-on allows you to easily use the customize panel. You can customize your form according your requirements using the design editor tool.

Change Different Design Aspects

Now, you can change the various design components such as Font size, Font color, background color, background image, Border, padding, margin, alignment and more. So, get your creative juices flowing as you customize the design

Live Editing Panel

With this amazing add-on, you get a live preview of your form as you make the changes in the form design. Hence, you know exactly how your form looks with after you customize right on the editor. No need to reload.

Design options for Radio/Checkbox Fields

There are seperate options for customizing the designs for the form field such as Checkboxes, Radio and Multiple Choice.

Pre-designed Templates

If you are looking for an easier way to change the form style, you can find the pre-designed templates. You can choose from any of those pre-designed templates.

Give your Registration Forms a unique look with our User Registration Style Customizer Add-on!


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Version 1.0.4
Released Date 2019-09-09
Last Update 2021-08-02