Profile Connect

User Registration Profile Connect add-on allows admin to connect users registered via other forms to User Registration selected form. This is especially helpful if you have old users that were registered to your site via some other plugins or registered using default WordPress registration forms.

The plugin allows individual as well as bulk action for the users to be connected to the desired user registration form.

Connect previously registered users to the User Registration forms

On your site, there may be users that are already registered to your site via the default WordPress registration form or any other registration plugin. These registered users can be connected to the registration form created from the User Registration plugin effortlessly with the help of this add-on.

Connect Multiple Users to the Selected Form

The add-on allows you to connect multiple users to the desired registration form at one time. This means you can select the previously registered users at once and connect it to a registration form.


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Extension Detail

Version 1.0
Released Date 2018-07-18
Last Update 2018-07-18