Multi Part

Lengthy forms are time-consuming and boring. Form fillers easily get distracted and quit halfway through these types of forms. And, User Registration forms can get fairly long having to ask for user information details.

But, there’s no need to worry! Our User Registration Multi-Part Add-on allows you to divide your registration forms into multiple parts according to your requirements without any hassle.

Easy Drag and Drop Interface

You can add as many parts to your multi-part forms. And, easily manage the order of the multi parts using the drag and drop feature. So, you can position the multi parts like you want as you create.

Add Section Title for Each Form Step

As you go on creating multiple steps for your form, it can get confusing for the form fillers and you too. But, you can solve this problem by adding the desired title for each step.

Customizable Next and Previous Buttons

The add-on offers the Next and Previous buttons on the stepwise form to help the users navigate. In addition, you can change the button text and alignment from the settings easily.

Multiple Designs for Progress Indicator

The add-on offers multiple types of Progress Indicators such as Progress Bar, Circle Bar, and Arrow Steps. So, you can choose the one that fits your style from the form settings effortlessly. Also, you can choose the theme color for the progress bar as you please.

Create User Friendly Multi-Part forms with our User Registration Multi Part Add-on!


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Extension Detail

Version 1.1.3
Released Date 2019-16-09
Last Update 2022-12-29