User Registration Geo Location add-on allows you to collect geo location data from your users who registered on your site. Information like Country, City, Zip Code, Latitude/Longitude and location map for the user will accessible.

View Geolocation Data on Users Profile Page

The admin can view the Geolocation information on the user’s profile page in the dashboard. Geolocation information like country, city, zip code, Latitude/Longitude, and location map will be provided based on the user’s IP address.

Smart Tags Pass Geolocation Data to the Admin via Email

Smart Tags allow passing the geolocation information to email triggered to admin. This will be helpful to find from where the user registered by giving the email a glance.

Supports AutoComplete Address

User Registration’s input field supports the Autocomplete address. Autocomplete can be done on the basis of Address and Map


Available in

Extension Detail

Version 1.1.1
Released Date 2018-09-20
Last Update 2022-12-29