Content Restriction

Content Restriction

The User Registration Content Restriction Add-on allows you to restrict WordPress users to access pages and posts. Not only this, you can even choose to restrict the content fully or partially. With this add-on, you can create WordPress content restrictions for logged users or, logged in users with specific roles.

Enable Content Restriction for Pages and Posts

You can restrict the content for any WordPress page or post. After the installation of the Content Restriction add-on, a content restriction section will be added to each page and post. So, you can choose which page or post to restrict users.

Choose Specific Roles to Access Content

In the plugin settings, you can easily choose the specific user roles of the user on your site. This allows you to restrict the content according to different user roles.

Live Editing Panel

With this amazing add-on, you get a live preview of your form as you make the changes in the form design. Hence, you know exactly how your form looks with after you customize right on the editor. No need to reload.

Shortcode for Restricting Partial Content

For partial content restriction, you can simply add the shortcode provided by the add-on. Just add the shortcode to the piece of content that you want to restrict. So easy!

Show Custom Message to Restricted Users

There is even the option to display a custom message to the restricted users. Doing this gives the user an idea of why they are not able to view the content.

Restrict Content on your site to Specific Users with Ease!


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Extension Detail

Version 1.2.4
Released Date 2017-11-29
Last Update 2022-12-29