Online Restaurant Reservation

Top Features

Highlighted features of Online Restaurant Reservation


Easy reservations

Simple and easy form for reservations within seconds.

Reservation Status

Different reservation status e.g pending, confirmed, cancelled, check-in

Manual Confirm/Cancel

Manually confirm or cancel pending reservations with a click.

Email Notification

Email notification for admin and customer upon reservation submission, success and more.


Shortcode makes it possible to showcase your form in Page, Post, sidebar and more.

Opening and Closing Schedule

Maintain opening and closing schedule for each day of a week.

Schedule Exception

Schedule closing and opening exceptions for especial holidays


The plugin is fully translation ready so go ahead and translate the from to your own native language

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Simple, Clean Reservation Form

Simple and clean reservation form with fields for Name, Date, Time slot, email, party size, additional notes, phone

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Manually Confirm, Cancel pending reservations

Once the customer fills the reservatin form, admin can manually either confirm or cancel the pending reservations with a click.

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