Multi Part Forms

Multi Part Forms

Multi Part forms in WordPress are great way to increase conversion of form submission. Long and Complex forms can be boring and users often abandon the form in the middle. Breaking long forms provides a better user experience.

This can be easily avoided using Everest Forms multi part forms. Multi Part Forms addon now allows you to easily break your forms into multiple part or multiple pages. If your forms are long and have many fields then breaking your form into multiple steps would be the appropriate way so that your users don’t feel overwhelmed. Creating multipart form is very straight forward. Few clicks and drag drop the fields in appropriate sections and that’s it.

A progress bar in your multi-part forms will guide your users to navigate through your form successively. One can choose from different progress bar design and even change progress bar color to match the theme of the site.

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Version 1.4.7
Released Date 2019-03-22
Last Update 2022-11-17