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Highlighted Features of Everest Form

Everest Forms is the best WordPress forms with easy drag and drop form builder. Create any kind of forms with in a minute.

Drag and Drop Builder

What’s the use of form builder if it is no drag and drop? Quickly create WordPress forms with easy drag and drop builder. No need to write any code.

WordPress Form Plugin
Form Plugin WordPress Free

Pre Designed Form Templates

Get a quick start by choosing on of our pre designed form templates. We have already compiled commonly used forms beautifully that you can import with a click.

Unlimited Form Fields

No restrictions on the form fields. Create a form with as many fields as you want. Fields can be used multiple times with simple drag and drop.

Unlimited Forms in WordPress

Form Entries

Form delivery via email can be tricky sometimes and lands on spam or have a delivery issue due to uncertain reasons. No worries, we got you covered. No, any form submission will get lost. All the form submissions will be listed in our dashboard Entries and you can give a quick look at all the entries in one place.


A bunch of integration options and modules are available to make your form-building experience even easier. From email marketing tools, payment gateways, webhooks handling, Google sheets integration, and more.

Everest Forms Integrations
Form Designer for WordPress

Form Designer​

Why do forms have to look boring and dull? Our form designer addon exactly solves this issue. Play around with the color, background, fonts, spacing, and design your form. No need to write CSS code.

Spam Protection

We know you hate spam, that’s why we have multiple spam protection features that you can make use of. Smart Google reCaptcha, Math Captcha and Honeypot drastically reduces the spam submission and helps to pass only legit submissions.

Form Import Export

Importing and exporting forms are a click away. You don’t have to create form from scratch everytime. If you already have a form that you would like to use across other sites then a quick export and import will do the job.

Smart Conditional Logic

Conditional logic are hands down the best feature to make your form dynamic and responsive. Depending upon how user selects certain form fields, you can hide or show another field. Also, conditionally allows you to send email notification based on specific field selection.

Email Notifications and Autoresponders

Send unlimited email notifications and auto responders. Send email notifications to you and your team in realtime as soon as form is submitted with all the submitted form data. Also, you can send auto responders like welcome email or confirmation email to the user who submitted the form.

Multi Step Form

Long form are tedious to fill and users tend to abandon the form on the midway. MultiStep form solves exactly this problem by breaking your long form into multiple parts so that your users are not overwhelmed by the long form. 

Multiple File Upload​

We have introduced new drag and drop upload fields that are so easy for your users to use. Simply drop the files on the field and that’s it. Supports multiple uploads at a time and settings can be configured to achieve which files types to be accepted and which to be rejected.

Accept Payments

Accepting payments via your form is now possible. You can use our addons PayPal and Stripe to accept PayPal and credit card payment via your form. Also except recurring payment via Stripe.

Save and Continue

This feature offers many benefits like encouraging participation and completion of the form, Providing convenience for participants especially with long questionnaires. The save and continue addon allow users to save the incomplete form and continue work using the link within 24hrs. Your visitor can click the link when they’re ready to complete their entry.

Repeater Fields

Creating the form with the multiple repeated fields can generate noise in the form. This add-on is handy if you want users to add details about multiple items in a form and the required number of form fields items are not pre-defined. 


Everest Forms calculations add-on makes it simple to calculate field values that are updated in real-time. It can handle simple addition, subtraction, multiplication to complicated arithmetic operations.

Other Hightlighted Features

Everest Forms comes with bunch of smaller features that makes form building really easy

User Data Export CSV

Export form entries in CSV format. These CSV files can be further used on any other tools or services to further analyse or use your form data.

Shortcode Support

Rendering forms are easy. Simply copy and paste the form shortcode on your page, post and widget. We even have inbuilt form blocks that you can use on your Gutenberg editor.

Smart Tags

Smart Tags are a convenient feature that comes with Everest Form. The purpose of the smart tag is to replace the static information dynamically. Example: Here is a smart tag {admin_email} that can be used in the Email settings To Address to pull the site admin email. 

Translation Ready

The plugin is fully translation ready. Easily translate the plugin display text in your own native language using any translation plugin.

Quick Form Preview

Quick form preview helps to quickly have a glance on the form before publishing. Making minor changes on your form and having to publish the form is tedious job. Quick form preview solves this problem.

Ajax Form Submission

AJAX form submission helps to submit form without the need to reload the form page. This speeds up the submission process and helps in better user experience. 

Editable Validation Message

Validation message on the form can be quickly edited via the settings of the form to your liking.

WPML Compatible

WPML is one of the most popular multilingual plugin. Everest Forms is fully compatible with WPML. You can combine Everest Forms with WPML to create forms in different languages.

Mobile Responsive Forms

Our forms are designed so that  they are compatible in all the devices of different sizes and adapts beautifully according to the screen sizes.

GDPR Compliant

Our forms can be used for countries where GDPR rules need to be followed. We have features that can be disabled or enabled to make form compliant with GDPR.

eSignature Support

Want to make your customers sign agreement contracts and forms on your WordPress forms? Why not create a WordPress form that accepts E Signature?

Multiple Column Support

Create either Single column, Two-column, Three column, or Four-column forms with ease. When you have several form fields and want to keep the form short rather than a long scrolling form, a multiple-column form design comes in helpful.

Create any kind of forms in a minute

No coding required, just drag and drop and clicks. Smart forms for your smart websites