Everest Forms Premium Addons

Combined with our premium addons, one can build any kind of WordPress forms you can imagine.

Allows you to make form design changes without touching any code. Powerful customize panel with live preview makes changing colors, fonts, spacing, background, alignment, border and more an ease with few clicks.

Mailchimp addon for Everest Forms allows you to connect your MailChimp account with your form. Users filling up everest form can be directly added to your subscriber list in mailchimp.

ConvertKit addon for Everest Forms allows you directly add subscriber to your convertkit account via everest forms.

PDF Form Submission addon allows you to download and attach the all the form details in PDF Form. PDF are a great way to share and record the form entries

Geo Location addon allows you to collect geo location data for your user who submitted the form. Information like Country, City, Zip Code, Latitude/Longitude and location map for the user will accessible.

PayPal standard addon for Everest Forms allows you to accept/collect payment via your form for donation, product sale and more

Conditional Logic allows you to create more dynamic forms based on user input. You can now show or hide specific fields based on what user fills or select on the form.

Multi Part Forms addon now allows you to easily break your forms into mulitple part or multiple page. Helps to make step wise form instead of one long form.

Allows you to create intuitive survey, poll and quiz forms within a minute. Also, provide you with admin reporting with graphs, charts and more.

Create any kind of forms in a minute​

No coding required, just drag and drop and clicks. Smart forms for your smart websites

Allows you to accept payments on your forms for donation, product sale and other services. Accept credit card payments right on your site with out any hassle.

Allows you to connect your form to hundreds of web applications. Move your information from your form to desired application like Google Docs, Trello, Twitter, Facebook automatically.

Allows you to create registration form and register user on your WordPress installation. Supports all default profile fields plus custom fields.

Allows you now to accepts posts, pages directly from WordPress frontend form without the need to go to WordPress Dashboard. Want your users to submit guest articles no worries the addon makes is possible.

Are you looking for ways to add custom Captcha on your forms? Well then, your search is over! You can customize and add math captcha or set of pre-defined questionare as captcha .

The MailerLite addon for Everest Forms allows you to connect your MailerLite account with your forms and collect subscribers right out of your forms.

The ActiveCampaign addon for Everest Forms allows you to connect your ActiveCampaign account with your forms and collect subscribers right out of your forms.

Allows you to easily control and restrict the form submissions on your WordPress site. There are various features offered by the add-on such as limiting form entries, scheduling form submission dates, password protecting forms, restricting forms for users who are not logged in, and more.

With the Everest Forms Google Sheets Add-on, you can now integrate Everest Forms with the Google Spreadsheets. It unlocks the possibility to send the contact form data to Google Sheets directly and instantly after form submission.

Create any kind of forms in a minute​

No coding required, just drag and drop and clicks. Smart forms for your smart websites

Email Templates addon allows you to create different email templates that you can use to send emails to your users. You can either create from scratch or get started with the available templates.

Connect your Campaign Monitor account with Everest Forms. The Users filling up Everest Form on your site can be seamlessly added to your subscriber list in Campaign Monitor. 

The Save and Continue add-on allows users to save their partially filled information on Everest Form and continue to work on it later. 3 options for the expiration of generated link (a week, two weeks, a month).  48 hours offline data saving feature for Offline Form

Repeater field add-on allows you to repeatedly add a set of form fields within your WordPress forms. It will enable users to click an Add button to add another group of fields. This add-on is very useful if you want users to add details about multiple items in a form and required number of form fields items are not pre-defined

Calculations add-on allows you to perform calculations on the number/range fields within the form. This add-on makes it simple to calculate field values that are updated in real-time. It can handle simple addition, subtraction, multiplication to complicated arithmetic operations.

Using the Everest Forms SMS Notifications Add-on, you can now easily configure any online form to receive an SMS notification when a form is being submitted. Twilio SMS notification integration is available. So, you can simply link your Twilio account to Everest Forms, and then enter the phone number to receive form notification SMS messages. 

Razor Pay add-on for Everest Forms allows you to accept/collect payment via your form all over India. It’s an online payment system that accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as UPI and popular mobile wallets.

With the Everest Forms Drip add-on, you can effortlessly create an unlimited number of newsletter signup forms and connect them to Drip. It allows you to add subscribers to your account, record events such as adding or removing tags, lead scoring, and so on.

The Frontend Listing add-on for Everest Forms allows you to list your entries in your site’s posts or pages. Visitors can view and check user entries of a particular form. Allow/Disallow guest users to view the entries and many more.

Create any kind of forms in a minute​

No coding required, just drag and drop and clicks. Smart forms for your smart websites

With the Everest Forms HubSpot add-On, you can smoothly integrate your lead generation forms with HubSpot. Once set up, you can instantly send form data to your HubSpot dashboard, where you can manage, track, and categorize your contacts. 

With the Everest Forms Coupon add-on, you can quickly create or add a coupon code on a form to encourage users to purchase the products. It’s a simple method to create coupon codes on the basis of a fixed discount amount or percentage. 

Everest Forms Pipedrive CRM add-on is a WordPress Pipedrive CRM integration plugin that allows you to easily send Everest Forms entries directly to your Pipedrive CRM account. After the integration, form submissions are automatically added to the specified account in Pipedrive CRM as a deal, activity, person, & organization, along with additional data.

The Zoho CRM add-on for Everest Forms will relieve you of the extra work by establishing a direct link between your Everest Forms and your Zoho account. Link form fields to Zoho fields, including custom fields, Select Leads, from almost any module. 

The Everest Forms Salesforce CRM Add-on integration with WordPress is smooth and simple. Connect form fields to Salesforce fields, including custom fields, select Product, Opportunity, Leads, Contact, Case, Campaign, Account, etc.

The Everest Forms Cloud Storage Add-On allows you to quickly integrate Everest Forms with Cloud Storage Platforms such as Amazon S3, OneDrive, and others. You can store, organize, and access any files uploaded via your WordPress forms. You can then relax knowing that all files are safe and secure.

The Constant Contact Add-on for Everest Forms links your WordPress forms to your Constant Contact account effortlessly. So, you can add users collected through the forms to any email list or interest group in Constant Contact.

ith our Everest Forms GetResponse Add-on, you can quickly create a newsletter signup form and connect it to your GetResponse account. It provides complete control by allowing you to select which email list and segment the subscriber should be added to.

Everest Forms has made it very simple for users to create an unlimited number of forms to connect with Sendinblue email marketing. Use Everest Forms to gather client data and have Sendinblue add it for you instantly.

Allow you to make your form submission more interactive. The Everest Forms Conversational Forms Add-on will assist you in modernizing your questionnaires, contact forms, and application forms. It enhances your form to the next level and beyond!