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    Hi, Friend!

    I’m testing on localhost your USER REGISTRATION Plugin.
    I’m intending to use your plugin on a site I’m finishing adjusting.
    In everything I tested, so far, your plugin is great.
    But I came across two questions.

    1) I have modified the Login form and I want to use it and not your plugin. Or you would like to edit your form with Elementor. How do I proceed?

    2) When I log in through your form, I’m directed to the My Account page that is not translated. How can I translate into my language?



    One more detail:

    Issue 3:

    The fields that I modified on the default form were not entered in profile details.

    Beste Regards!

    Best plugin!

    Note: I would like to send you my prints.



    Hello Manoel,

    Regarding your questions:
    1. It is not mandatory to use our login form, you can use your own. Editing form with elementor is not available for now.
    2. If you are using our login form you can add parameter to the shortcode [user_registration_login redirect_url="/custom-page"] to redirect to custom page. You can use any translator plugin to translate.
    3. The profile details only appeared if the user has additional information and not only the basic user details.

    Hope this helped! You can ask if you have any other queries. Thanks!

    WPEverest Support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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