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    Rodrigo Montiel


    How can I implement a “resend confirmation email” link on the Confirmation email in case there is a problem like a Token mismatch?

    Thank you in advance,




    Resend confirmation email is available for the user once they try to login and their email is yet not verified. Screenshot: This feature is for the purpose if by somehow the user could not receive the email. We don’t have resend verification token on token mismatch notice as it means the user already got the email with verification token.

    Also, to only let you know, admin can also manually verify and unverify the users form users tab.

    WPEverest Support


    Rodrigo Montiel

    Thank your for the answer.

    Ok, I see. It just happened to me while testing that I got a token mismatch and I couldn’t make the token work. I was thinking as a user to ask for another email but in that case I can point out to the user to contact support to get further information.

    Thank you.



    Resend confirmation email happens when there is some mis attachment in your numbers. And also you need to visit to get unique ideas for your assignment. And after repressing that button your mail will be able to send again. Hopefully you got it.



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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