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    Nadja von Massow

    If a group of check boxes is created to allow for a multi-option selection to be made, your current logic – when “Required” is set to “Yes” – means that every single check box has to be ticked before the form is validated. That’s a rather ridiculous scenario. Why would a user be required to check every single box? The “Required” should mean that a selection has to be made (the group of check boxes must be selected from with min. one selection). But it cannot mean that all boxes have to be checked.

    Can you review that mechanic please?



    Hello Nadja von Massow,

    This is something we are looking into. And find a way out as you suggested. Thank You!

    WPEverest Support



    This issue has been fixed now. Please update the plugin to get latest features.

    Thank You!



    Someone required a person for his groups to check all the boxes and sensable messages. This is for those people who come and show their best essays on the boxes and bottoms bars of the age.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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