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    I have a UR form displaying in a pop-up that a user activates by clicking a link. This works great, except on Woocommerce product pages. The input fields default back to Woocommerce form styling, and screws the whole formatting up, as well as hides the reCaptcha, which makes it impossible to complete a registration. How do I fix this?

    Link to a product page where the form does NOT display correctly:

    Link to a general page where the form displays correctly:

    To activate the pop-up and see the registration form on either page, click the “Login/Register” link in the top right corner, then select the “Register” tab in the pop-up.



    Hello @dacidvogel2,

    We support the form to the product pages too. Did you have shortcode placed in product short description? If so, that is not the ideal place to insert the shortcode, however we will look if we can do something for that issue. Thanks!

    WPEverest Support



    Thank you for looking into this. The shortcode is placed in a pop-up lightbox on the product page, not directly in the short description. (The link that launches the pop-up is in the short description, but that same link is in the page header too, and the form in that pop-up does not display properly either.) Please see the links I provided above to see what’s happening.

    I can provide admin logins if that would be helpful.



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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