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    01,i have created a simple form and added to a page. but after logged out (as admin) went to register there was this massage “Only administrators can add new users.”
    02, can you add some more styling and customization options to each form. like, Button text, color, redirection after click the button, form size, form background color




    Hello Iresh,

    Yes, to allow registration to your site, you need to Enable registration. Navigate to dashboard Settings->General->Anyone can register. If you want to coustomize this message. You need to add the following to your functions.php.

    add_filter('ur_register_pre_form_message', 'ur_customize_form_message');
    function ur_customize_form_message() {
        return 'Your custom message';

    We don’t have customization options for button color, text etc. However, we do have four different form templates. Navigate to User Registration->Select your form->Form Settings->Form Template. Also, if you add CSS class to your form in Form Class Option availble under Form Template. Note that you have to create your own custom class.

    If you have something to follow up, post your query over here: as this is the forum for everest forms.

    WPEverest Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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