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    Ernest Ford

    I would like to include, in the “Admin Email”, which Registration Form was completed by the user. Is there a smart tag that I can use for this? Or way I can extract it from the Email Token? For example, I would like to have the Admin Email read as follows:

    <p>A new user {{username}} has successfully registered to your site using the {{registration_form}}. Or something like that. I could not see any smart tag for that in the documentation. But maybe I missed it? Let me know, and thanks!



    Hello Ernest Ford,

    Currently there is no smart tags for registration form. Thank you for the suggestion, we will note this down and may implement this in near future updates.

    If you are familiar with some codes, you can add this codes in your child theme’s functions.php.

    add_filter( 'user_registration_process_smart_tag', 'ur_form_smart_tag', 10, 4 );
    function ur_form_smart_tag( $name_value, $form_data, $form_id, $user_id ) {
    	$form_name = get_the_title( $form_id );
    	$name_value['form_name'] = $form_name;
    	return $name_value;

    The smart tag will be {{form_name}}.

    If you are not familiar with these stuffs, donot add anything. As a little error may result your site to crash.

    Hope this helps!

    WPEverest Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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