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    Living Ashram


    I need to be able to add some dynamic data to a registration form with a hidden field.

    I’d like to have a registration form setup to handle registration from various sources each via a unique URL.

    So I have a page URL structure like this https://site.com/register/{company}
    I have your mailchimp premium addon which I need to send this company to as a list field.

    The company value is made available in the page/template as a post argument via an add_rewite_rule.

    The registration page has the following shortcode
    [user_registration_form id="300"]

    I can do this via the shortcode editor or using a custom php page template perhaps calling the plugin directly.


    Many thanks



    Hey Neil,

    We don’t have automatic solution for this. However, you can use the registration form template, and add the hidden field similar to here. Also, you can use the provided filter and add the hidden input field.

    However, retreiving this info and sending this data to mailchimp list is not currently available, because inserting hidden field directly from backend option is not available and only the fields in the forms can be mapped into mailchimp list.

    We will look forward into introducing this too. Please stay updated!

    WPEverest Support



    You can also drag an input field and add the default value and add custom class to hide this field. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/mTcpZf

    You need to add any class name and hide this field using additional CSS in the customizer. E.g. if you enter dynamic-field in custom class. Enter the following CSS in your customizer:

    .dynamic-field {

    Hope this helps!


    Living Ashram


    thanks for the response, looking forward to having hidden fields in there as an option.

    for the timebeing I’ve managed to work around it by adding a normal text field aznd then hiddin it with CSS and updating it with javascript


    [user_registration_form id="300"]
    #company_field {
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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