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    Didn’t spot this one on the site, so now I’m posting it.

    I keep getting this error message when trying to submit a user registration form.

    It works fine in chrome on my pc, but whenever I try in chrome on my android phone, or my client tries on their iPhone, we receive the type error:
    “cannot read property ‘message’ of undefined”

    Not quite sure what to do about it…
    Any clues?



    Hello MarkFromITU,

    Since user registration form is submitted via ajax, this type of error occurs if you have any errors in js. Make sure you have no errors in console while submitting the form. Also, we can look into the issue, if you provide us your site url.

    WPEverest Support



    Thanks for the reply, man

    i did some digging and found that i received an 403 forbidden error whenever i tried submitting a form.
    It was telling me that it couldn’t access /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php since the server was rejecting it.
    The weird thing is that it was only doing it if users wasn’t logged in already.
    Turned out i just had to clear the cache……… could have used that info hours ago 😀

    have a great day Sanjeev ^_^



    I fixed this (I think). It was happening all the time, and then a week ago I fixed some things and I have not seen the problem happen again. I solved it with a few tweaks:

    1) First, I use a cache plugin, so I made sure to NOT cache the user registration page.

    2) I also use Cloudflare, so I made sure NOT to cache the user registration page on Cloudflare’s page rules.

    3) By default, the plugin uses a minified js. SO I changed it to the full js. I tweaked this file class-ur-frontend-scripts.php:

    //'src' => self::get_asset_url( 'assets/js/frontend/user-registration' . $suffix . '.js' ),
    'src' => self::get_asset_url( 'assets/js/frontend/user-registration' . '.js' ),
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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