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Hi Rabin,

Thanks for your reply, but tbh i don’t find your answer useful in the slightest. I am using groups and am using the short codes on my pages, eg:

[restaurantpress_menu id=”971″ orderby=”menu_order” order=”DESC”]

group entry (sorry can’t attach any files to this forum)
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971 Starters

Apart form the assumption i wasn’t using groups, the point is, ofcourse, that it was working previously, no matter how i did it, and now it isn’t. if i followed your instructions incorrectly previously it should have looked like rubbish from the start, which it didn’t. it looked great, even with my little flags on the food page, like on each menu items page.

so, somewhere in time between i made it (and was working fine) and the last time i looked at it (2 weeks ago), something happened which made things go peer shaped. my questions to you are: do you know what caused it, and ofcourse, do you see a way to fix it, that is, make the menu items appear as they should (with flags) in the menu items overview pages (by using the shortcode on the overview pages) 😉

one other thing, looking at the configuration of a group, i cannot see any possibility to opt out for the presence of the author name and timestamp, so how do i get rid of it ? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when i made the groups.

thanks for your time.