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In terms of my suggestions:

1. I love your data entry and setup for the registration form. It would be great if all of those same fields and form could be used in edit-account, so that users could keep things current via self-service.

4. I see edit-profile and profile, but there is no content for this screen. I expect that this may be for future use ?

I see where the error of my ways are now. After doing some analysis of the usermeta table, I discovered that if I added the meta_key = “ur_form_id” meta_value = “123”, where 123 is the form number associated to the registration page. Extra Fields showed up in the WordPress User Profile and the Membership Account Profile, where they could be modified by the user.

The reason that I had originally had a problem was that I already had users registered before installing your product. So it was a simple matter to insert the metatag to each userid to make everything work. Note for readers of this note. Beware of trying this unless you know what you are doing SQL wise, or you could break things really good.

I did notice that if the user_registration_field_name tags were not present that WordPress ended up creating new metatags using the display name of each field.

Anyways … the long and short of it is, perhaps it may be advised to insert these metatags into each user_id when a registration form is created or modified if they do not already exist for each user_id. The meta_values could be set to null since there is no way to guess at their content. A bit of a Catch 22.

So I am a happy camper once again.