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Hello Chethan,

We don’t have automatic option for this. However, you can use the provided filter user_registration_payments_currencies. Please paste the following to your child theme’s function.php.

add_filter('user_registration_payments_currencies', 'ur_add_indian_currency');
function ur_add_indian_currency( $currencies ) {

   $indian_currency =  array( 'INR' =>   array(
			'name'                => esc_html__( 'Indian Ruppees', 'user-registration-payments' ),
			'symbol'              => '',
			'symbol_pos'          => 'left',
			'thousands_separator' => ',',
			'decimal_separator'   => '.',
			'decimals'            => 2,
		) );

    return array_merge( $currencies, $indian_currency );

Let me know if you have any confusion, I’ll get back to you. We will add other missed supported countries soon. Please stay updated!

WPEverest Support