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Hello BillMo,

Yes. We have four different templates for registration form Bordered, Flat, Rounded and Rounded Edge with classes ur-frontend-form--bordered, ur-frontend-form--flat, ur-frontend-form--rounded and ur-frontend-form--rounded ur-frontend-form--rounded-edge respectively.

While you can use these templates in registration form automatically form User Registration->Select a form->Form Settings->Template.

For login form you need to add the class manually. Yes, you may edit the copied form-login and add the class like. ( For testing purpose only you can directly edit this to plugin’s file. wp-content/plugins/user-registration/templates/myaccount/form-login.php )

<div class="ur-frontend-form ur-frontend-form--flat login" id="ur-frontend-form">
	<form class="user-registration-form user-registration-form-login login" method="post">

Note the added class ur-frontend-form--flat in the above code.

Hope this helps!

WPEverest Support