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Thank you for the suggestion. For rendering the contents for newly created items, it is same way as single item addition. For every new_item_x you need to add content or template file with user_registration_account_new-item-x_endpoint hook.

function user_registration_new_item_x_endpoint_content() {
    ur_get_template( 'myaccount/new-item-x.php');
add_action( 'user_registration_account_new-item-x_endpoint', 'user_registration_new_item_x_endpoint_content' )

And no, you don’t need to fill in or delete one or more of the default endpoints and then hit Save changes after every endpoint addition. Any time you have 404s, It’s a safe bet to re-save your permalinks. It can’t hurt and solves a lot of problems. Navigate to Dashboard->Settings->Permalinks do nothing and Save Changes.

Hope this helps!