How to Create an Extended WooCommerce Registration Form?

how to create extended woocommerce registration form

If you want to create an eCommerce website from WordPress, it is obvious that WooCommerce is a go-to plugin. Customers can visit the website and purchase conveniently. Also, it would be more convenient if you add a WooCommerce registration form to your website.

It is a good idea to make customers register on your site before they purchase. Obviously making user register on your site before the purchase has its own advantages.

Default WooCommerce Registration Form

The WooCommerce plugin allows you to add a registration form on the Website. But, this form only asks you to enter your email address for the registration. All the billing and shipping details of the customers are entered only after they want to purchase the products.

woocommerce registration form email

To add this form, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin and go to WooCommerce->Settings of your dashboard. Click on the Privacy and Accounts section and check the option to the Allow customers to create an account on the “My Account” page option.

WooCommerce my account settings

How to Create an Extended Registration Form?

With the User Registration plugin, you can easily create an extended WooCommerce registration form. User Registration plugin allows you to create all types of registration forms effortlessly. 

And, the premium WooCommerce Integration Add-on allows you to integrate custom WooCommerce Fields such as billing and shipping addresses. These custom Fields allows you to collect the important WooCommerce information first hand. 

Moreover, you can also add the WooCommerce components like downloads, orders, billing address, shipping address, etc. to the User Registration “My Account” page. It gives your customers to view and manage their purchases and orders on your site.

If you’re a WooCommerce user, having a WooCommerce integrated registration plugin is a must. And, the User Registration plugin is one of the best user registration plugins available in the market. Other than custom WooCommerce Fields, there are various other features that the User Registration plugin has to offer. 

Let’s get right into how to create an Extended WooCommerce Form with User Registration Plugin. Follow the step by step instructions.

1: Install the User Registration Plugin

First of all, you need to install the User Registration Plugin. For this, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins -> Add New. Then, search for User Registration plugin and click on the Install Now button. After it installs, don’t forget to activate the plugin. 

Click here for tutorial on How to install a plugin on WordPress

2: Install the WooCommerce Integration Add-on

Now, you need to get the premium User Registration WooCommerce Add-on. Go to User Registration->Extensions. Here, you can see all the Add-ons offered by the User Registration plugin.

Click on the WooCommerce Integration extension, and you’ll be taken to the Add-on overview page on the WPEverest official site. Then, click on the View Pricing button there to visit the Plans and Pricing page for more details. 

Also, check out these WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to find a coupon code that will provide you with a heavy 35% discount on the purchase of any of WPEverest plugins including User Registration. So, don’t miss out!

3: Creating WooCommerce Registration Form

Once the add-on is downloaded and installed on the site, we can move on to creating the custom WooCommerce registration form. But, make sure all the three plugins: WooCommerce, User Registration, and WooCommerce Integration are activated first. 

Then, go to User Registration->Add New and you’ll be taken to the easy drag-and-drop form builder. Creating a registration form is super easy with this user-friendly interface. If you scroll down then, you can find the WooCommerce Form Fields for Billing and Shipping information are added to the form builder. 

Just drag and drop the form fields that you require to the WooCommerce Registration Form. You can also add up to 3 form fields in a row if you want. After you finish creating the form, don’t forget to save it. 

WooCommerce Form Fields Main main

4: Displaying the WooCommerce Registration Form

Now, you can move on to displaying the registration form on your site. You can add the WooCommerce Registration form on any WordPress page or post.

You can either use the shortcode provided for each form or, use the User Registration Gutenberg block to easily add the form.

Using Shortcode

The first way to display the WooCommerce Registration Form is by using the form Shortcode. On the top-right of your form builder, you can find the shortcode for the form.

WooCommerce Registration form Shortcode

Just copy the shortcode and paste it to the page or the post you want to display the form.

Using the User Registration block

The second and the most convenient way to display the registration form is by using the User Registration block in Gutenberg editor. In the editor, search for the User Registration block, and click on it.

Then, select the WooCommerce Registration form that you created and it will be added to your page. All you need to do now is Publish the page.

User Registration WooCommerce Form

My Account page Settings

After you’ve published the WooCommerce registration form, your customers can register a new account on your eCommerce website. And, these details can be viewed in the My Account page of your website.

WooCommerce has its own “My Account” page which shows all the default account details like shipping and billing information. But, there are no options for adding fields for custom user fields.

No worries! You can easily add the custom fields you require with the User Registration WooCommerce Add-on.

Go to User Registration->Settings and click on the WooCommerce tab. Then, select the WooCommerce registration form you created and Save Changes. Doing this will add User Registration form fields that are not available in the WooCommerce registration form to the Account details tab.

Now, all the User Registration form fields including the form fields that are not included in the WooCommerce Account Details are shown in the WooCommerce Account Page.

How to display User Registration “My Account” page?

To display the User Registration “My Account” page, you must copy this shortcode provided by the plugin to a WordPress page.


For detailed instructions, you can check the docs for How to show account profile. After you paste the shortcode to a page, you can publish it on your site.

woocommerce registration form my account shortcode

After you insert the shortcode, you can publish the page. It will look something like this in the frontend.

Note: You must choose the User Registration “My Account” page as the default account page in the WooCommerce Setting to avoid conflict.

WooCommerce Settings

User Registration WooCommerce Integration Settings

Let’s explore other amazing features that the WooCommerce Integration add-on offers.

Firstly, you can replace your WooCommerce Registration Form with the User Registration Form. For this, go to User Registration → Settings and click on the WooCommerce tab.

Now, select the registration form that you want to integrate. And, Check the option to replace default WooCommerce’s login and registration page option. Don’t forget to Save Changes.

Secondly, you can sync the user registration form fields on the checkout page. But, you must change settings on the WooCommerce settings too.

For this, go the WooCommerce->Settings and click on the Accounts & Privacy tab. Then, check on the Allow customers to create an account during checkout option and Save Changes.

WooCommerce checkout page settings

Next,  go to User Registration → Settings and click on the WooCommerce tab. Then, check the option to sync user registration form with Woocommerce checkout registration option.

Checkout Form fields


Therefore, creating a WooCommerce Registration Form is essential for any e-commerce site. And, with the User Registration WooCommerce Add-on you can integrate WooCommerce fields to create an extended registration form.

Moreover, you can add extra information fields to the accounts page. Also, the plugin also supports two of the most popular extensions for WooCommerce i.e WooCommerce Subscription and WooCommerce Memberships.

Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful. Don’t forget to share and stay tuned for more articles like this.

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26 thoughts on “How to Create an Extended WooCommerce Registration Form?

  1. Sorry, will this create actual WooCommerce accounts orWordpres regular subscriber accounts?
    (We need users to register in Woocommerce to be able to purchase items (this is done with a separate plugin). But the registration process has to be customized.)

    Another question – does your plugin support file upload fields? If yes, can the upload limits be set up?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey, Elijah!
      Yes, you can create actual WooCommerce users/accounts with this form. When creating the user registration form, you need to select the user role as Customer from the Form Settings. Customer is a User Role created by WooCommerce.
      And, for your next question. Yes, our plugin does support file upload field. In Fact, we have created a File Upload Add-on, especially for this purpose. With our premium add-on, you can add file upload field and, set up the max file size in the Settings.
      If you want to learn more for File Upload for our plugin please check this out:

      1. Thank you.
        A couple of questions:

        Do I understand correctly that the base plugin is free and is downloaded here

        But then I have to purchase a personal license for $49 to have WooCommerce/File upload addon?

        2. The description says:
        “WooCommerce Integration – Integrates and syncs WooCommerce related information to user registration account page like orders, customer details, Billings.”

        3. Do you have any trial period?
        Even a week can be great.

        Thank you.

        1. Hello Elijah,
          1. Yes, the base plugin is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. But for you to integrate more features like WooCommerce and FileUpload, you need to purchase one of our Pro Plans that is best for you.

          2. Our WooCommerce add-on allows you to do the following things:
          – Integrate WooCommerce information like Billing Address, Shipping Address, Orders on the User Registration My Account Page
          – Replace WooCommerce Registration and Logic Form with the User Registration form
          For more details, you can check our docs:

          3. We don’t have a trial period, but we do have a 14 days money back guarantee. You can try our premium add-ons for 14 days, and get your money back if you’re not satisfied.
          So, you have nothing to lose 🙂

  2. Thank you, sounds good. I’ll forward the information to my client.
    Meanwhile, can you please clarify the following.

    You said this: “Yes, you can create actual WooCommerce users/accounts with this form. When creating the user registration form, you need to select the user role as Customer from the Form Settings. Customer is a User Role created by WooCommerce.”

    I’m a bit confused here.
    1. When users are created through woo commerce rregistration process, do they appear as users in WordPress? Wp-admin > Users > All users.

    2. If they do – does that mean that site registration should be open to everybodyin the world?

    3. If #2 is correct, it wold be wise to install antispam solution for user registtrations?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Sure.
      1. Yes, the users created through the WooCommerce registration form appear in WP-admin > Users > All users.
      2. After you add user registration on your site, it is open to everybody.
      3. Because #2 is correct, our User Registration plugin supports Google reCaptcha v2 and v3 which prevents spamming and malicious users on your form.
      I hope it clears things out 🙂

      1. Thanks, everything seems ok, I will recommend your plugin to the client and hopefully, we will buy it soon.
        Thank you!

        1. Thank you Elijah! We hope the client will be pleased by the features of User Registration. 🙂

      2. We are ready to go, installed the free version, but got one more question from the client – let’s say a user is registered using the registration form, then he logs in and purchases the item.
        1. Will he have an option for the next purchase to perform a quick checkout, without specifying the credit card number again? Will he have all fields pre-populated during the next checkout – address, name, etc,

        Thank you.

  3. Never the credit card question, I told the client that he will have to go with PCI compliance if he wants to store credit card info, and he said ‘we don’t need it’.
    But the question about the address – can the user address be pulled into the checkout process from its account? (ot is more woocommerce functionality then the registration form?)

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Elijah! Yes, you can prepopulate user address and name fields by using billing and shipping address fields from the Form Builder in the User Registration plugin.

  4. OK, we’ll go ahead with the woo addon purchase. Should we need to contact support – how do we do this?

  5. a. How do you create simple HTML headings between sections od the form? I have a form that consists of 3 different sections and each section should have a heading, like Personal Info for the first one, Previous experience for the second one, etc

    b. We can’t go ahead with the purchase unless we can have headings and ability to provide short informational paragraphs for users in between the fields.

    1. Hey Elijah! You’ll be glad to know: we have a dedicated Advanced Fields Add-on for this purpose. This Add-on allows you to add Advanced fields such as Section Title, Custom HTML, Phone Time Picker, and WYSIWYG Fields.
      You can add Section Titles and add Custom HTML field that supports bold, italic, Italics, href links, links and more.
      So, you can add Headings and Informational paragraphs in between fields.

      It’s clear now, our plugin is the perfect fit for you! 🙂

  6. Hi there, I have a quick question.
    Does this plugin support custom fields?
    I want users to have a telegram account field in the registration form.

    I haven’t seen that this has been mentioned anywhere, however it might be something obvious I’m missing.
    Please assist if possible, thanks!

    1. Hey Matt!
      Can you please specify the use of the telegram field in the registration form?
      If you want to add the telegram account field to take the information during registration and store it in the user’s profile details then, it is possible.
      But, if you want to compare and check the value of the telegram field from somewhere else then, it is not possible with the plugin.
      Hope this answers your question. 🙂
      Also, you can contact the support team if you have any confusion.

  7. I need to build a booking form that will set-up an account at the time the deposit is paid (not before), then allow customers to login at a later date to add to/edit their details.

    1) Can the form be set-up to be filled in during check-out rather than pre-checkout?

    2) Based on your reply to Matt (above), ca I assume it’s possible to add custom fields for anything, so long as I’m not expecting that information to be linked to anything? Specifically, I need to collect details such as passport, travel insurance etc

    3) Is it possible to add a form manually (for a telephone booking). I’m suspecting the answer is no to this one but it would be good to have all the bookings in one place.


    1. Hey Adam,
      Thank you for your questions. Hope this clears your confusion 🙂
      1) Yes, the form can be set up on the checkout page. Unregistered users will be asked to register on the checkout page before proceeding with the purchase.

      2) If you are looking to collect the information from your users, then you may use different fields to collect them. The information will only be stored in the user’s table of your WordPress site and it will be shown to the respective user on their dashboard when they log in. It won’t be linked to anything else.

      3) With the user registration plugin, you will be able to create registration forms but it must contain email and password fields along with the phone number field to create the form since they are mandatory fields. You won’t be able to create a custom booking form containing only the phone number and other fields except the two I mentioned.

  8. We sell online training courses. Frequently, a company will pay for an employee to take the course – so the “user” will be the employee but the billing information will be for the company. We are currently using WooCommerce but we don’t see an easy way to have the user account created for the student. It is always created for the person paying for the course. Then we have to go in and change the account information manually. Do you have any suggestions – using your plugins?

  9. Thanks a lot for this useful post, I needed to make some changes in the registration form and the plugin you mentioned helped me to do it. Thanks for this great User Registration Plugin.

    1. Hey Jim! We’re glad that User Registration is useful for you. It is the best plugin available for WordPress user registration. 🙂

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