Introducing Style Customizer Addon for Everest Forms

Style Customizer Add on

We are very excited to introduce our new Style Customizer Addon for Everest Forms today. Since many of our users of Everest Forms have been asking for styling options for their forms, we have created this amazing feature. Boring forms and plain design of the forms can make your website look a bit dull. Changing the style and design of forms to better match the design of your website helps to create a perfect looking site.

Non-technical users are not able to change the style of the forms as per their needs. So, this Addon is a great solution. Moreover, it makes your work much easier.

Let’s waste no time and see what this addon can do for you.

After you download and install our Everest Forms Plugin, add a new form. Then, you’ll see a blue paint roller icon that shows Form Designer if you hover over on the right side of the form. Click on it.

Everest Forms Builder

Then, you’ll be taken to the customizing page where 6 form customizing options are given. The various style customizing options available are Form Wrapper, Field Labels, Field Sub Labels, Field Styles, Button Styles, and Additional CSS.

Changing Form Styles

Now, click on the tabs to start customizing the style of your form. For example, click on From Wrapper and you’ll see the many styling options for the form. Here, you can change fonts, borders, padding, background colors of the form with a simple interface.

Similarly, you can explore the other tabs and change the styling of your form according to your site’s requirements. This feature is extremely easy to use and you can customize your form styles without any trouble.

So what are you waiting for? Just purchase our Style Customizer Addon and create attractive designs for your forms in a few clicks. If you have already purchased a premium plan with us then simply visit your account page and download the addon. For more details please take a look at our documentation.

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