Introducing Content Restriction Addon For User Registration


Today we are excited to introduce you to our new addon Content Restriction for User Registration plugin. Few of our users for User Registration plugin has been requesting this feature. Content restrictions could be very handy to restrict your full content, partial content,  file downloads and more to only logged in users or logged in users with the appropriate role. There were infinite possibilities with content restriction features so we decided to release this as an addon for our core plugin.

Let’s jump right into the addon and see what it has to offer.

The addon is quite straightforward. Once you download and install the addon on your WordPress site, you will see a new settings tab in your settings panel called Content Restriction

Here you can quickly enable the feature by clicking on the checkbox Enable Content Restriction.


By default, the access will be granted to all logged in users. But you can change that and allow users with specific roles to view the content. For this you can simply change Allow Access To -> Choose Specific Roles and select roles from the select box below this setting.

Now you can simply visit the page/post that you would like to restrict and enable the restriction by checking the Restrict Full Content Checkbox. The plugin also allows you to override the global setting rule on each page/post.

Partial Content Restriction

There may be cases where you would like to make a specific portion of the content hidden from users.The extension also provides you with this option via a shortcode. You can simply wrap the content which you would like to restrict with provided shortcode and you are done.

This addon is available to all plans. So if you have already purchased premium plan with us then simply visit your account page and download the addon. For more details please have a look at our documentation



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