Create a HubSpot WordPress Form to Add Contacts Easily!


Want to import all your contact form entries to your HubSpot contact list? What if I tell you that you can create HubSpot WordPress Contact form, and add contacts in HubSpot directly. Yes! With the use of Zapier, you can easily connect WordPress forms with HubSpot.

Zapier is a web application automation platform. You can connect over 1500+ web apps and pass data among them in a few clicks. It is a great tool for anyone who uses web application to increase efficiency and productivity in their work. Likewise, you can connect your WordPress form with Zapier to automatically pass information to your HubSpot account. When anyone fills the form on your site, Zapier will extract the information and pass it to HubSpot. 

In this WPEverest tutorial, you’ll learn how to link HubSpot with WordPress forms and create contacts in Hubspot directly with WordPress.

How to Create a Contact in HubSpot WordPress Forms?

Before everything else, you need a plugin that allows you to integrate Zapier on your WordPress Forms. Don’t worry! Everest Forms is here to save your day.

With Everest Forms pro version, you can not only easily create contact forms but, you can also link your forms with CMS like HubSpot with ease. And, our easy-to-use Zapier Add-on allows you to create WordPress contact forms for HubSpot in no time.

It is available on our Agency and Professional plans. If you want more details on the pricing then, you can check our Plans and Pricing page, and choose the best plan for you.

After you download and install Everest Forms on your site, follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1. Create a Contact Form in WordPress

First of all, you need to create a HubSpot Contact Form in WordPress. To create a new form, go to Everest Forms -> Add New. Select a template or create a new one from scratch. You can just drag and drop the required form fields from the left side of the form builder.

You can check out our tutorial for how to create a contact form in WordPress if you want a detailed guide.

WordPress forms

Step 2. Connect Everest Forms with Zapier

Next, you need to connect your Zapier with Everest Forms. First, you must create a Zap in your Zapier. A Zap consists of two parts: When this happens and Do this. The first part is for the Trigger app whereas the next part is for the Action app.

In the “When this happens” section, you need to create a Webhook and connect the Webhook URL with Everest Forms. For a detailed step-by-step guide for this, you need to check our Documentation for Zapier.

After you acquire the Webhook URL, go to the Integrations tab and check the Enable Zapier option. Then, paste the WebHook URL and SAVE your form.

Then, you need to test your connection in Zapier. You can submit a sample form entry and check if the data is pulled in Zapier.

Step 3. Set up the Action step in Zapier

After you finish the First step i.e. “When this happens“, you need to move on to the next step.

In the “Do This” section, you need to choose an action app. Here, search for HubSpot and select it.

hubspot contact form

Then, choose an Action Event. You’ll find a few events that you can apply in HubSpot.

In this case, you need to choose the Create or Update Contact option. This option creates a new contact in your Hubspot when a form is submitted in WordPress

wordpress hubspot contact

After that, you’ll be asked to Sign in to your HubSpot account. After you connect to your HubSpot Account, click on Continue.

wordpress form one
contact wordpress form

Now, there is the Customize Contact section. Here, you need to match the WordPress form fields with the HubSpot contact fields.

WordPress forms hubspot

After you finish this, click on the SEND TEST TO HUBSPOT button at the end

hubspot contact form wordpress

Then, the sample contact that you submitted on your WordPress form should be added to your HubSpot Contacts.


At last, you need to click on the TURN ZAP ON button to start creating contacts in HubSpot using WordPress Forms.

In Conclusion:

Linking WordPress forms with Zapier is one of the easiest ways to create a contact in HubSpot. When anyone fills your contact form in WordPress, a contact is automatically created in HubSpot. Also, Everest Forms makes the process very simple with the premium Zapier Add-on.

Hopefully, you can create a contact in HubSpot with WordPress form now. If you found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share.

Alina Manandhar

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