5+ Best Free WordPress Registration Plugins for 2021


Making users/customers register is the first priority for any business owner. If you want to create a user-friendly website with active engagement from the users then, you must allow users to register to your site. And, you can create one without any trouble with the help of WordPress registration plugins.

In this WPEverest Article, we have listed the best free WordPress registration plugins that are available. But before that, let’s learn why a WordPress registration plugin is essential for every website.

Why do you need a WordPress Registration Plugin?

Although WordPress provides you an option to manually register users, it is not productive for website owners. Using a WordPress registration plugin allows you to register users on your site with an efficient and systematic process.

In the first place, you can create a custom registration form for your site with the help of a WordPress registration form. While creating the form, you can customize the form fields according to your requirements.

Moreover, you can assign the user roles automatically through the registration form which saves so much time. Other than that, there are various features that a WordPress registration plugin offers. So, why miss out?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, there’s no need to worry. There are various WordPress registration plugins available free that lets you register users on your website effortlessly.

5+ Best WordPress Registration Plugins

There are many WordPress registration plugins for you to choose from. But, finding the best one for yourself among the pool of options might consume more time. So, we have reviewed the best user registration plugins in this article for your convenience.

User Registration

User Registration plugin

User Registration plugin is undoubtedly the best WordPress registration plugin out there. It is super user-friendly with its simple and intuitive design. The plugin allows you to create a WordPress registration form in a few clicks. Because of the easy drag-and-drop form builder, creating a registration form with the desired form fields is a piece of cake. You can easily add multiple rows and columns to your form.

User Registration drag and drop

Besides that, there are various form settings that allow you to customize the functions of your registration form. Also, the plugin supports the use of shortcodes. The settings include are Email notifications, Form Duplicate Option, Auto-login option, Enable strong password, etc. Moreover, the plugin supports the frontend profile account page for profile edit, password change, log out and more.

Furthermore, the User Registration plugin is extendible with 14 premium add-ons that add more functionalities and features in the pro version.

Plugin Features:

  • Fully responsive user registration forms
  • Frontend profile account page
  • Inbuilt login form
  • Google ReCaptcha Support (v2 and v3)
  • User data export in CSV

Reasons to Choose User Registration plugin

The User Registration plugin is a simple yet powerful WordPress registration plugin. It’s easy-to-use form builder allows you to create a beautiful custom user registration form even if you’re a beginner. Not to forget the front-end user profile feature that lets the users view and manage the user details. 

Therefore, it is a great plugin for every website owners who are looking for a solution to an easy and systematic registration method. There’s no complexicity in the interface and, provides the best features for user registration and user profile management.

If you want a more information, you can check this video out:

Profile Builder

User Registration & User Profile - Profile Builder

If you want a WordPress Registration plugin that allows users to easily modify their user profile then, Profile Builder is the plugin for you. With the use of shortcodes, you can easily create front-end login, user registration, and edit profile forms. There is a list of shortcodes that the plugin provides for displaying forms. For example, [wppb-register] for registration form and [wppb-edit-profile] for edit profile form and more. Similarly, you can also restrict any type of content on your site with the help of shortcodes. Also, the plugin allows users to modify their user profile on the front-end.

Plugin Features:

  • Assign user roles and edit roles
  • Easy to display the forms with shortcodes
  • Supports reCaptcha
  • Customizable user login widget
  • Option to restrict content

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member - WordPresss registration plugins

Ultimate Member is another WordPress registration plugin that lets you create user-friendly websites. The plugin allows your users to register and become members on your site effortlessly. Creating a registration form is very easy, and you can also add the custom form fields that are provided. Moreover, you can easily add user profiles that are fully customizable to fit your site’s requirements. Also, Ultimate Member highly extendible with a range of paid extensions that allow you to add more functions to your forms. So, you can create any type of website where users can sign-up, become a member and manage user profiles effortlessly.

Plugin features:

  • Front-end User profile and account page
  • Member directories feature
  • Custom form fields
  • Option for content restriction
  • Conditional logic for form fields

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend - WordPress  registration plugins

WP User Frontend is the WordPress registration plugin that is perfect for managing members, user profiles and posts submission. It includes frontend dashboard, editor and uploader which allows users to edit their profile and create new posts without any trouble. The plugin lets you create multiple registration forms, and display them on your site using Gutenberg. Or, you can copy and paste the shortcode provided for each form to any WordPress page. With this plugin, you can enable certain user roles to create posts from the frontend. Likewise, you can set post status, post messages and even update post button text.

Plugin Features:

  • Create customized registration forms
  • Display custom fields data in a post
  • Easily Import/Export forms
  • Update user profile from frontend
  • Allow users to upload attachments


Registration Magic - wordpress registration plugins

RegistrationMagic is next on our list for the best WordPress registration plugins. For a free plugin, RegistrationMagic offers tons of features that are more than enough for creating a custom registration form. Easily replace the default WordPress registration page, and display the custom registration form. You can track form submissions and analyze stats from the admin dashboard. What’s more, is that you can even accept payments with PayPal integration. With the help of RegistrationMagic, you can create simple to complex registration forms with ease.

Plugin Features:

  • 2 Form Styles with 3 layout options
  • Real-time visual form editor
  • Options for user role-based access
  • Google ReCaptcha support
  • MailChimp Registration

Easy Registration Forms

Easy Registration Forms

As the name suggests, Easy Registration Forms is one of the WordPress registration plugins that have a simple, easy to use form building interface. You can create unlimited registration forms with all the necessary form fields such as Textarea, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Email, etc. But most importantly, the plugin has a dedicated submission management area in the admin dashboard where you can manage the form entries easily. Besides that, it also has a great reporting system that allows you to relay information to interested parties in a periodic manner. Also, you can restrict access to content on your website according to user roles.

Plugin Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Dedicated Submissions management area
  • 6 different form layout options
  • Responsive form design
  • Shortcodes available for my account and login pages

To Conclude:

Therefore, creating a custom registration form is essential for every website may it be e-Commerce, blog, or software-based. And, with the help of WordPress registration plugins, you can upgrade the way you register users. All the plugins mentioned above are the best plugins in the market.

Hopefully, you choose the one that is right for you and your site. Also, don’t forget to share this article. If you want more articles for form builder plugins, check these out:

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