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How to Create Contact Form in WordPress? (2023)

Wondering how to create a contact form in WordPress? Let us answer your query with this article. A contact form is a simple tool of communication. It helps you to get in touch with prospective clients, keep spam at bay, and grow conversions. Thus, if you own a WordPress website, it’s a good idea to[…]

Create Contact Form in WordPress Easily

How to Add Select Fields by Select2 in a WordPress Registration Form?

If you want to create advanced registration forms, you can use Select2 WordPress fields instead of the Select field. Wondering how you can do that? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, you’ll learn what the WordPress Select2 field is, its significance, and its difference from the standard Select field.  We’ll also go[…]

Add Select2 WordPress Fields in Registration Form

How to Create Order Form in WordPress? (With Payment or Not)

Learning how to create order form in WordPress is essential if you’re planning to take orders through your website. And this article will teach you exactly that! With WordPress, you can either create an order form without any payments or accept payments with the order. Still trying to figure out how? Don’t worry! We’ll walk[…]

How to Create Order Form in WordPress

How to Install and Set Up User Registration Plugin? (Free + Pro)

Wondering how to install User Registration and set up the plugin on your WordPress website? If yes, this article is just the thing for you. Below, we’ll talk about the installation and setup process for the User Registration plugin, both the free and premium versions. You can start using this powerful plugin to instantly create[…]

How to Install User Registration and Set It Up

How to Add WYSIWYG Field in WordPress Forms? 

Wondering how to add WYSIWYG field in WordPress Forms? Well, stick with us till the end to find out exactly how.   Simply put, WYSIWYG (pronounced wiz-ee-wig) is an editing software. This incredible tool shows you what a piece of content is going to look like after you publish it.   Likewise, in a WYSIWYG form[…]

How to Add WYSIWYG Field in WordPress Forms

How to Enable Entry Preview for Users in WordPress Multi-Part Forms?

Want to learn how to enable the entry preview option for users in WordPress multi-part forms? Let us help you with an easy step-by-step guide that’ll assist you in making one for your WordPress website.   The preview option lets users view the data they’ve entered to fill into the previous parts of a multi-part form.[…]

Enable Entry Preview in WordPress Multi-part Forms

How to Prevent Spam Registration on WordPress? (Complete Guide 2023)

A key measure of securing your WordPress website is to prevent spam registration. Doing this blocks all the registration attempts made by spam bots through the registration form. Besides protecting your site from malicious intent, it also saves you from the headache of dealing with never-ending spam registrations. This article will explore some easy ways[…]

How to Prevent Spam Registration in WordPress

How to Build an Online Store with WordPress WooCommerce?

Are you planning to build an online store with WordPress but don’t know where to start? Wondering how to build a WordPress eCommerce website? Then, this WordPress WooCommerce tutorial is just the thing for you. As per the data provided by Statista, the eCommerce market revenue is rapidly growing and is predicted to reach 4.15[…]

Build an Online Store with WooCommerce

How to Add CAPTCHA to WordPress Registration & Login Form?

A common way of securing the registration and login process is to add CAPTCHA to the registration form in WordPress. Security is a factor you can’t ignore when it comes to WordPress registration and login forms. After all, you must make sure your users’ accounts and your website are protected from security threats. Adding CAPTCHAs[…]

How to Add CAPTCHA to WordPress Registration and Login Form
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