11 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins for 2021 (Compared)

Best WordPress FAQ Plugins

Are you searching for the best FAQ plugin for WordPress? If yes, then we must say, you have come to the right place!    

Answering your customers’ queries with precise answers is an authentic way to build your brand with customer trust.  However, briefing about the same and repetitive inquires is tedious and time-consuming. 

But with WordPress FAQ plugins, the process of relaying important information to your users becomes effortless. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is a series of questions and answers related to the company and its products. Therefore, you need to look for the best FAQ plugin for WordPress to deliver the right information to your customers.

So, we’ve come up with a collection of fantastic WordPress FAQ plugins to help you add an effective FAQ section to your site. But first, let’s understand why you need an FAQ section on your site.     

Why You Need an FAQ Section on Your Site?    

It’s naive to take the FAQ section as just a customer service-providing tool for a website. In reality, there are extensive uses and advantages of FAQs.   

Some of the primary reasons for having a FAQ section on your site are:    

  • For Higher Ranking: Not just for your visitors, FAQs are also significant for search engine ranking. So, create a FAQ with unique content that consists of relevant keywords.     
  • To Increase Organic Traffic: You can create FAQs by giving brief business specifications and a general overview of your industry. By doing so, you can get new customers who are unaware of your company but familiar with your industry.    
  • Establish Trust: By addressing your customer queries, it enables you to make your business transparent and trustworthy. And with customer-oriented FAQs, you can establish long-term relationships with your customer.     
  • To Serve Your Customers Better: Tell your customer about your company, its products, and services by identifying the right questions and filling them up with adequate answers.   

So far, we’ve understood the necessity of having FAQs on your site. Now, it’s time for you to know how to select the best FAQ plugin for WordPress.     

How to Choose the Best FAQ Plugin for WordPress?    

WordPress market is cluttered with free and premium plugins. So, it may be quite a confusing experience to get the right FAQ plugin for your website.    

If you’re facing a similar problem, then worry not! Just look for the following features and functionality while selecting the best WordPress FAQ plugin.    

  • Priority Sorting: You can move your website FAQ up or down with the priority sorting option. This feature allows you to list unlimited FAQs with categories easily.    
  • Category-Based FAQs: By categorizing FAQs, communicating with your customers becomes easy with FAQs that precisely elaborate your business and its products.
  • Easy Navigation: Adding hyperlinks in FAQs directs your visitors to relevant content for the solution. And linking your FAQ with your product, service, or support line page makes it easy for your visitors to navigate your website.    
  • FAQ Animation Effect: The FAQ section becomes more engaging as you add animation effects like a slide or fade effect.  

So, make sure to have these features in your selected plugin. With that said, let’s start our list of the best WordPress FAQ plugins for your site.  

11 Best FAQ Plugins for WordPress 

1. Easy Accordion

Best FAQ Plugin for WordPress Easy Accordion

The first FAQ plugin on our list is Easy Accordion, which lets you create unlimited accordion form and taxonomy for your website. On top of that, it makes your FAQ section more pleasing with its semantic HTML5 design and CSS3 transitions.     

Besides, if you use WooCommerce, its advanced features like WooCommerce Product FAQ and Q&A accordion tabs help you add FAQs to each product. Other than that, with the pro version, you get 16+ beautiful free WordPress themes.    

Key Features:

  • Supports Page Builders Plugins like Elementor and WPBakery     
  • Fully Responsive    
  • Powerful Admin Panel    
  • Lightweight, Fast and Robust    
  • SEO-friendly & Optimized for Speed

Price: Free or $29/Year for Personal Plan 

2. Ultimate FAQ     

Ultimate FAQ WordPress FAQ Plugins

Ultimate FAQ is the best FAQ plugin for WordPress that showcases your FAQs with block attributes. It also displays a number of your most viewed FAQs and allows users to find specific strings with its robust search form.    

Similarly, its multiple customization options let you personalize FAQs and make them more engaging. Most importantly, Ultimate FAQ is easy to install, configure, and notifies you with every new FAQs submission.      

Key Features:

  • Allows You to Export FAQs to Spreadsheet    
  • Integrated with WP Forms    
  • SEO-Friendly FAQs    
  • Add FAQ Tab to WooCommerce Product Page    
  • Allow People to Comment on Individual FAQs 

Price: Free or $47/Year for Single Site   

3. WooCommerce FAQ    

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

With WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager, it’s easy to design unlimited FAQs for your website. It’s one of the popular WordPress FAQ plugins that let you customize the title of FAQ, hide the total FAQ count, and set the custom position of the FAQ tab.    

Likewise, for WooCommerce users, adding, managing, and displaying FAQ information in each product section is pretty easy as well. Also, it comes with a translation feature that enables your FAQs text to translate into any language. Besides, this plugin helps to generate leads for your online store as well.

Key Features:

  • Pre-made FAQ Builder    
  • Unique and Animated FAQ Search Option    
  • Responsive Layouts    
  • Bulk Edit Option    
  • Comes with 6 Predefined Theme

Price: $39/Year for a Regular License  

4. Accordion FAQ     

WordPress FAQ Plugin Accordion FAQ

With 30 plus animation styles and dozens of icons, Accordion FAQ is the best FAQ plugin for WordPress. In addition, its toggle and collapse effect lets you open more than one accordion at the same time.     

Moreover, its bootstrap framework comes with draggable accordion items and four types of background overlay. Other than that, it has eight pre-designed templates, 500+ google fonts, 12 open/close icons set, and multiple widget options.    

Key Features:

  • Preview Option    
  • Integrated With Drag and Drop API Builder    
  • FAQ Tab for WooCommerce Product Page    
  • Border Color Customization    
  • Supports Front Icons 

Price: Free or $9 for Single Site

5. WP Responsive FAQ  

WP Responsive FAQ With Category Plugin

WP Responsive FAQ with Category plugin has the right tools for your FAQs to clear your visitor’s doubts precisely. Moreover, with its shortcode parameters, you can customize the FAQs section with various designs and layouts.     

Apart from that, this plugin allows you to showcase your FAQs in grid view and display them with category names. Therefore, we must say that it’s the best FAQ plugin for WordPress for building your brand with trust and transparency.    

Key Features:

  • Easy to Configure FAQ Page    
  • Gutenberg Shortcode Blocks    
  • Support for WooCommerce Product Page    
  • Section for Thumb Image    
  • SEO-Friendly URLs 

Price: Free or Included with Essential Plugins Bundle that Cost $149/Year   

6. Quick and Easy FAQs 

Quick and Easy FAQs WordPress Plugin

Quick and Easy FAQs is a free WordPress plugin that displays your FAQs using Gutenberg Blocks and shortcodes. It’s an open-source plugin that displays your FAQ section with distinct styles like toggle, accordion, simple list, etc.     

It comes with RTL (Right to Left) language support and is compatible with the FAQ tab for WooCommerce Product Page. Likewise, this WordPress plugin also makes your FAQ section search engine-friendly and optimized for speed as well.    

Key Features:

  • Support for Visual Composer Plugin     
  • Add FAQs Using FAQ Custom Post Type    
  • Bulk Edit Option    
  • Custom CSS Option to Customize Default Layouts   
  • Responsive Layouts 

Price: Free  

7. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the brilliant plugin in our list that displays your FAQs with innovative schema blocks. Regarding its popularity, it leaves no stone unturned to make your FAQs search engine friendly.     

With Yoast SEO, you can add the table of content blocks, subpage blocks, related links blocks, and so on. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one solution to connect you with your targeted audience with engaging FAQ sections.    

Key Features:

  • Gives Full Control Over Site Breadcrumbs    
  • WooCommerce SEO Extension    
  • Advanced XML Sitemaps   
  • Option to Add Image to FAQs 
  • Faster Loading Time 

Price: Free or $89/Year for Personal Plan   

8. BWL Advanced FAQ Manager   

Advance FAQ Manager BWL FAQ

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager is one of the outstanding WordPress FAQ plugins that comes with 17 pre-designed layouts. If those layouts don’t amaze you, then you can personalize them with its advanced customization options.    

On top of that, this is an SEO-friendly plugin for creating an engaging FAQ for any website. Other than that, it has an FAQ tab for WooCommerce for adding FAQs to each product.    

Key Features:

  • Automatic Update Notifications    
  • Fast and Dedicated Support System    
  • RTL Support    
  • FAQ Sorting with Drag and Drop    
  • Built-in FAQ Widget

Price: $39/Year for Regular License  

9. Easy FAQs 

WordPress FAQ Plugin Easy FAQs

Using Easy FAQs allows you to create a collapsible FAQ list that you can customize with unlimited typography and styling option. It comes with accordion-style FAQs and shortcodes to display the FAQ section aesthetically.     

Other than that, Easy FAQs features like the Quick Link Index helps visitors jump to the question of their choice. Furthermore, this WordPress FAQ plugin comes with a user-friendly interface, enabling you to manage, edit, create and delete FAQs without any hassle.   

Key Features:

  • Supports Google Web Fonts    
  • Add Images to Your FAQ section    
  • Easy Configuration    
  • Multiple FAQ Widgets  
  • Fully Responsive

Price: Free or $99/Year for Single Site  

10. FAQ for WooCommerce

FAQ For WooCommerce

FAQ for WooCommerce is a free WordPress FAQ plugin with four different templates to connect you with your targeted audiences. It supports FAQ posts as well as schema and allows you to add unlimited FAQs.    

If you use WooCommerce for your online store, you can use this WooCommerce compatible style plugin for your product information tab. Other than that, it’s fully responsive and works smoothly on all devices and browsers.    

Key Features:

  • Shortcode Support    
  • FAQ Tab Reorder Setting    
  • Custom Style Support    
  • FAQ Sortable Feature    
  • Media/Image Support 

Price: Free  

11. Mint FAQ 

Mint FAQ

If you’re looking for a user-friendly FAQ plugin without many bells and whistles, then the Mint FAQ WordPress plugin is the right choice. Without any prior knowledge of coding, you can use this plugin to create FAQs the way you want.    

Also, it comes with tab-based FAQ categories and allows you to modify them with multiple colors, layouts, and typography. Besides that, it’s a translation-ready plugin that translates your FAQs based on the user’s geolocation.    

Key Features:

  • Accordion Based FAQs    
  • Optimized Website Speed and SEO-friendly 
  • Toggle FAQ    
  • Easy Navigation    
  • Priority Sorting    

Price: Free or $79/Year for 5 Sites   


So, these were our hand-picked list of the amazing WordPress FAQ plugins. We hope that our list might have helped you pick the best FAQ plugin for the WordPress website.

Your website needs FAQ that solves your visitors’ queries and pleases their eyes. Also, it has to be easy to install and configure. Finally, remember that FAQs that are engaging and appealing tend to rank higher in search results. So, take your time to figure out the best FAQ plugin for WordPress that perfectly suits your site.

After all, WordPress plugins are a crucial part of a website. However, if you’re still struggling to do that, then we do recommend Ultimate FAQ. It comes with every single feature that’s required to create professional FAQs with categories.

Lastly, if you have more WordPress-related queries, then you can check out our latest blogs. Other than that, if you own an online store, then don’t forget to check out our article best WooCommerce themes for online shops and free eCommerce themes.  

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our blog articles updates.

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