10 Best CDN Services for WordPress 2021 (Boost Site Speed)

Are you looking for the best CDN services for WordPress? Then, you have come to the right place.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network), as the name suggests, is a network of servers that are dedicated to caching and delivering the static content of your website for faster website loading. Static content may include HTML files, images, videos, etc.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the best WordPress CDN services that make your website lightning fast. Also, we’ll talk briefly about how a CDN helps speed up your website.

A. How does a CDN Make Your Website Faster?

The CDN services cache the content of your website on their servers. These contents are delivered from a server that is geographically closest to the user that is trying to access your website. Since the user gets the content from the closest server, the content delivery speed is much faster. 

Not to be misunderstood with website hosting services, a CDN doesn’t host your website. It only stores the static content of your website so that it can be delivered to a user at faster speeds.

B. Why Do you Need a WordPress CDN Service?

Normally, the contents of your website are delivered from the servers of your web hosting service. But as your website starts to gain more and more traffic, the performance or speed of your website will slowly decrease, especially if you’re on a shared hosting service.

And if your website traffic is too much for the hosting server, it might even crash. To prevent all this, you need one of the best CDN services for WordPress in the market.

When using a CDN service, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • The loading speed of your site will be much faster.
  • The servers of CDN services will take some load off of your hosting server.
  • A faster website feels more interactive and will increase viewer engagement.
  • Your website will see better traffic, better feedback, and improved SEO rankings.
  • Some of the best CDN services for WordPress will provide you with free SSL certificates.
  • The CDN services will also provide security features like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation,

Obviously, that’s not all. You’ll get tons of other features as well. For now, lets have a look at some of the best CDN services for WordPress.

C. Best CDN Services for WordPress

1. StackPath

StackPath CDN for WordPress

StackPath CDN is one of the best, if not the best, CDN services in the world. Popular as MaxCDN as well, StackPath gives total control to its users when it comes to caching the content. You can fully customize how, how long and where the content is to be stored.

Additionally, StackPath CDN is very easy to install and set up. And it works perfectly with WordPress caching plugins like W3 Total Cache. With StackPath CDN, you can analyze bandwidth usage, requests, HTTP status codes, and many other variables.

Features of StackPath:

  • Over 50 Points of Presence (PoPs)
  • Customizable Content Caching
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Free Private SSL Certificates
  • Purge Cache with a Single Button


The pricing plans on StackPath have not been disclosed. To know about the price, you’ll have to get in touch with the sales team.

2. Sucuri CDN

Sucuri CDN for WordPress

Sucuri CDN for WordPress is not just a CDN. It provides a website firewall, website monitoring, malware detection, and more for WordPress websites through a plugin in WordPress.

Furthermore, the smart caching feature allows you to cache even the dynamic pages of your website. Sucuri makes your website faster and gives better SEO performance. It really is an all-in-one package when it comes to website security and speed optimization.

Features of Sucuri CDN:

  • Protection against SQL Injections and Brute Force
  • 10 Super PoPs in the USA, Europe, Asia, 2 PoPs in Australia
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Auto Enables HTTPS
  • DDoS Protection


  • $199.99/yr for the Basic plan
  • $299.99/yr for the Professional plan
  • $499.99/yr for the Business plan

These plans have support for a single site. If you want support for more sites, enterprise features, you’ll have to contact the sales team.

3. Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN for WordPress

Cloudflare is perfect for users who want to try out a CDN before investing their budget since it has a free version. The CDN is also a great choice for websites with large traffic as it’s very good at blocking bad traffic.

Cloudflare auto-caches the static content of your site. And, it gives you total control when it comes to how your content is cached. You can specify the behavior of individual URLs as well.

Features of CloudFlare:

  • Over 165 PoPs and over 200 Data Centers
  • Highly Customizable CDN
  • Static and Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Support for HTTP/3, which is encrypted by default
  • Fast Cache Purge


  • Free version available
  • $20/mo for the Pro plan
  • $200/mo for the Business plan
  • Custom price for the Enterprise plan

4. KeyCDN

KeyCDN WordPress

KeyCDN is packed with a huge collection of features. To begin with, you can easily set up KeyCDN with CMS platforms like WordPress. Other features include instant purge, support for HTTP/2, origin shield (the extra caching layer between host and CDN edge servers), and more.

KeyCDN also gives you the ability to add account access rules. This enables you to restrict access based on IP address or network. Furthermore, KeyCDN can be integrated with WordPress using the CDN enabler plugin.

Features of KeyCDN:

  • Over 25 PoPs
  • Detailed Statistics Report
  • Cache-Control
  • DDoS Protection
  • Support For HTTP/2 (Reduces latency)


Regional and pay per traffic:

  • $0.04/GB for first 10TB in North America, Europe
  • $0.09/GB for first 10TB in Asia, Oceania
  • $0.11/GB for first 10TB in Africa, South America

5. Imperva CDN

Imperva CDN

When your website goes global, global threats linger over your website. That’s why you need a powerful CDN service like Imperva CDN. It redirects unnecessary bots to alternatives sites to protect you from spam. And with 24/7 DDoS mitigation, over 6Tbps capacity, Imperva CDN is definitely one of the best CDN services for WordPress.

Also popular as Incapsula CDN, Imperva CDN provides fast, reliable, and secure CDN services. It utilizes machine learning to efficiently cache static and dynamic pages for your website. You can count on Imperva to have 99.99% uptime and a latency of around 50ms. 

Features of Imperva CDN:

  • DDoS mitigation
  • 47 Data Centers
  • Spam Protection
  • Cloud Load Balancing (Reduces Server Load)
  • Advanced Caching and Optimization Techniques


The pricing plans on Imperva have not been disclosed either. In order to know about the prices, you’ll have to contact the sales team.

6. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Cloudfront CDN

Amazon CloudFront is a fast CDN service by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s one of the best WordPress CDN services because of its 225+ PoPs, developer-friendly environment, and low latency. It uses advanced security compliance certifications like PCI DSS, ISO/IEC, SOC, and more to make sure your data stays safe.

To add to that, developers can use the AWS cloud development kits and APIs for improved flexibility and customizability as well. With CloudFront, you pay as you go. Or, you can also try the free version to receive 50GB data transfer out and 2,000,000 HTTP/HTTPS requests. 

Features of Amazon CloudFront:

  • Integration with AWS services
  • DDoS protection
  • Field Level Encryption (allows for more control with data encryption)
  • 225+ PoPs
  • Developer Friendly Environment


Regional and paid per traffic:

  • $0.085/GB for the first 10TB in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Israel
  • $0.110/GB for the first 10TB in South Africa, Kenya, Middle East, South America
  • $0.114/GB for the first 10TB in Japan, Australia, New Zealand
  • $0.140/GB for the first 10TB in HongKong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand
  • $0.170/GB for the first 10TB in India

7. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN has over 100 PoPs spread all over the world and several cloud providers offer one-click solutions to deploy leading CMS like WordPress. It supports modern protocols developed at Google like HTTP and QUIC. This improves site performance for mobile users as well.

Also, Google Cloud CDN includes TLS (SSL) certificates at no additional cost so you won’t need to acquire or renew SSL certificates. And with Cloud CDN, there is no fixed cost. There is, however, an offer of $300 USD credits over a one-year duration and 20+ free products for you to get started with Google Cloud CDN.

Features of Google Cloud CDN:

  • Global Distribution with Anycast IP
  • 100+ PoPs
  • Integration with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging
  • HTTPS (SSL) Built-in
  • Auto Caches Common Static Content Types


With Google Cloud CDN, the amount you pay is calculated according to cache egress (data transfer from the cache to clients), cache fill, and HTTP/ HTTPS requests. The price for cache egress is regional.

8. CDN 77

CDN77 for WordPress

A fast, reliable, and client-focused CDN service, CDN 77 is a great CDN choice for WordPress. It has a network capacity of 60 Tbps+ and a 97% cache hit ratio. In addition to the impressive speed, CDN 77 also provides a secure platform. All your HTTPS connections are powered by the latest security features like TLS 1.3.

With detailed analytics, you can compare different geo-locations and time frames as well. Moreover, you also have control over which PoPs will hold your data. And to integrate CDN 77 with WordPress, all you need is the CDN enabler plugin.

Features of CDN 77:

  • Detailed analytics in your dashboard
  • Customizable cache rules
  • DDoS Protection
  • Data Center Control
  • Purge and Prefetch Options


  • Preset monthly price for upto 150TB traffic
  • $199 for the first 6TB monthly traffic
  • Custom price for traffic over 150TB

9. CacheFLy

Cachefly CDN for WordPress

CacheFly is one of the best WordPress CDN that boasts a video latency of less than 1s and a 98% cache hit ratio. It’s a great solution if your site is about video streaming or gaming. And this holds true for almost anywhere in the world as they have 50 PoPs spread all across the world. 

Alongside the impressive latency and cache hit ratio, CacheFly also helps you increase your audience size by offering simple and automatic image optimization for mobile devices. So you can deliver your content at faster speeds regardless of the device.

Features of CacheFly

  • <1s Latency for Video Streaming
  • Mobile Content Optimization
  • Multi-CDN Services
  • 50 PoPs
  • Real-time Analytics


  • Free trial available
  • $595/mo for the startup plan
  • Custom price for other plans (Global Mix and Elite Managed)

10. Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure CDN is a reliable and secure CDN service for WordPress. It optimizes the files, especially the large ones, on your website so that your website can load faster. With 50+ PoPs in 30+ countries, Microsoft Azure CDN easily handles traffic spikes and heavy loads. 

Apart from these, Microsoft Azure CDN offers real-time advanced granular analytics that helps you gain insights on content engagement, monitor traffic, and more. You can also see how your content is being cached and how customers are receiving them.

Features of Microsoft Azure CDN

  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Integration With Azure Services
  • Advanced Granular Analytics
  • Developer Friendly 
  • 50+ PoPs


The pricing plan in Microsoft Azure CDN is pretty much like other services. For lower traffic usage of up to several hundreds of TB, you pay per GB you use. For greater bandwidth, traffic, enterprise features, you’ll have to get in touch with them.

Wrapping it Up

WordPress CDN services are great for websites with good traffic and an increasing amount of content. With the best WordPress CDN service, you’ll also solve the security of your site as well. So you get the features of both speed optimization plugins and security plugins with one CDN service, how about that?

If you’re looking to make your website go global and drive traffic from all parts of the world, a CDN service is a very powerful and helpful tool for you. Your website will see more traffic and the lightning-fast speed will make your website more interactive.

Was this article helpful? If it was, share it. Let it travel to more places. And if you have any suggestions or feedback, leave a comment.

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